Harry Potter By:Paige DeFreest

Harry Potter has many different characteristics one of them is Mysterious because he is always doing something weird or he would act really different. Another one is Brainy. He is Brainy because he likes to learn new spells and he is smart. Another character trait that he has is considerate because he is careful with his powers and he doesn't use them on anyone and he thinks before he does. He also has many more!

Some important contributions that he has are, his films series received an award for outstanding British Contribution to the cinema at the BAFTA film awards in 2011. Another one he has is, well written books. They are very well thought out and detailed.

Some reasons that Harry Potter is famous is because he has movies and books about him. For example he has a movie called The Sorceress Stone. Another reason he is famous is because his films were filmed at the Warner Brothers Leavesden Studios. Another reason why he is famous is because his books are very successful and people often read all of his books. People really seem to love his books and tell others about it so then the readers with get higher and higher with even more views.

Experiences that made Harry Potter important was, when he summoned up all of his courage that he had when he seeks Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest. This is important because he was being brave and that was not his only kind of bravery throughout his books. Another experience is asking for help. He would ask for help when he really needed it. This is important because not a lot of people in this world ask for help. They would struggle but still try and figure it out. The last experience he made receiving an official letter saying he was aloud in Hogwarts. This is important because Harry was a wizard and he really wanted to join and start learning some new, cool spells. Its also important because certain people get excepted in.

The things I admire about him is that he cares about a lot of people. For example, all of his friends look up to him. Another thing I admire about him is that he is adventurous. For example he goes to the games to compete against other wizards. The last thing I admire about him is that he is smart. I admire this because people who are smart can do things on their own and problem solve. Something that proves that he is smart is that he has a lot of different spells he learned and he is basically almost an expert at magic. Another thing I admire about him is that his books all have very descriptive language.

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