A Visual Guide for Navigating Campus To help maintain physical distancing in high-traffic areas of campus, here are a few updates that students should be aware of as the semester begins.

The Shack and The Robert S. Carey Student Center

The doors exiting The Shack (near the Career and Professional Development Center) are now EXIT ONLY.

Students may enter the Robert S. Carey Student Center through any of the other sets of doors – including the doors on the east side (library and swimming Pool side) of the building, which can be accessed via the pathway below the Dale P. Latimer Library.

Placid Hall

Entering and exiting Placid Hall is still similar to previous semesters. However, posted signage now marks the one-way archways and doors.

The archway and doors closest to the post office are now EXIT ONLY...

...while the doors closest to the dining hall side are now ENTER ONLY.

Placid Hall and Alfred Hall Archway

This highly-used area has two major traffic-flow changes this semester

The door on the first floor of Alfred Hall is now EXIT ONLY.

On the opposite side of the archway, the door for Placid Hall is now ENTER ONLY.

Using the Placid Hall entrance, Alfred Hall can be accessed by following the posted signage and taking the staircase up one flight, going through the double doors and turning left, then proceeding through the enclosed walkway.

Signage is posted when coming through the doors that will direct you to Alfred Hall, Headmasters Hall, Placid Hall and Prep Hall.

Alfred Hall can also be accessed as normal via the ground floor entrance in the front of the building.

Connecting Aurelius and Alfred Halls

Students, faculty and staff should no longer use the Admission Welcome Center as a pass-through between the second floor of Aurelius Hall and the ground floor of Alfred Hall.

At this time, these are the only areas on campus impacted by new traffic patterns. We appreciate your cooperation and patience as we begin the semester and adjust to these changes.