Suffering in the Shadows The Forgotten Victims of the Holocaust

Hitler believed in a different world, made of different people. A superior race, he called it, the master race to rule us all. This required total annihilation of much more than just Jews. more than 12 races and groups were destroyed, and many lives were ruined.
these groups in this attack against the world included Jews, roman-Catholics, roma gypsies, Jehovah's witness, homosexuals, priests, rebels, social democrats, trade unionists, political dissidents, physically disabled people, and African Americans.
The main targets of the holocaust were jews and Gypsies, none of these people were permitted to live. Jehovah's witnesses, homosexuals, and physically disabled people were also executed without a second thought.
Between 5,000-15,000 of these homosexuals died during this attack, the number of jehovah's witnesses that died in concentration camps were estimated at 1,000 Germans and 400 from other countries.
hate and havoc were reeked upon these people, inmates in concentration camps were distinguished by different colored patches, and were ridiculed and beaten by guards for the label forced upon them.
And after a very long, and drawn out world war II, the persecution of Nazis began. Hitler and his wife committed suicide, Commanders of Concentration Camps and guards were tried for the murders that had occurred in them. Judges were tried for allowing Germany’s legal system to tolerate mass murder. and with all of these court of laws finished, the holocaust ended October 1st, 1946.
The holocaust was a warning and a challenge to everyone. Each race guards one another, and we have to stay united. If we don’t, we could fall apart, just as easily as we did 50 years ago.


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