Meet Ashley By Paula Jones (Mother of Ashley)

I began to enroll Ashley in NWSRA programs before she was 7. She took a dance class and performed in a show, where her teachers came and watched. After that, she took piano lessons, bowling and swimming lessons just to name a few. When Ashley’s sister was playing travel soccer, she would go to the games and try to be like her sister. So we signed Ashley up for a park district soccer team, and NWSRA sent out an inclusion aide to be with her in the games.

We tried to find programs and participate in activities that would help enhance Ashley’s development. NWSRA hosted the programs that would allow Ash the opportunity to work on her muscle development, social skills and abilities. Thus, this is where we found out about gymnastics and Ashley became a member of the NWSRA gymnastics team.

Children spend more than 7 hours per day in front of a screen (TV, computer, video games, etc.).- Dowshen, 2015. Unplugging has been shown to help improve quality of life, help you feel more recharged everyday, help you sleep better, and improve your interpersonal communication.

In high school, during the summer months, she would attend the Teen Club South program and take swimming classes. These programs have allowed me to be able to work and know that Ashley would be out having fun and in a safe environment. She will always be involved with NWSRA for as long as we live in the area. These programs allow her a social life and help her to stay in contact with a lot of her friends. Ashley has now been involved in NWSRA programs for over 18 years.


NWSRA provides children with special needs opportunities to have fun, make friends, go new places, learn new things, be included and celebrate their lives. However, even though NWSRA keeps costs as affordable as possible, it is still out of reach for some families. SLSF, the fundraising arm of NWSRA, provides scholarships to those in need. Be a part of a child’s amazing experience by donating to SLSF.

  • $25 will send a child to camp for 1 day
  • $125 will send a child to camp for 1 week
  • $500 will send a child to camp for 1 month
  • $1000 will send a child to camp for the summer

If you wish to be a part of a child’s ability to grow, learn and develop this summer, please join our mission by making a donation today.

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