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Porsche 911 Turbo

For sale - £tbc

After 9 years of ownership it's time for a new custodian. House move brings with it no garage and my new home affords no suitable nesting spot for such a machine.

Best 996 turbo at this price/history in the market today. Low miles. Few owners. Great spec. Unbeatable history detail. Long term enthusiast owner.

Get ready for some serious detail! Long term Porsche fan, full service history, very significant maintenance history including recent full brake rebuild.

If you’re after a very good 996 turbo at a fair price. Read on. If you just want the cheapest 996 turbo on the market best stop now as I’m in no rush to sell. This will be a very comprehensive description!

Ciao belle

In a nutshell...

  • 2001 996 tiptronic turbo, Artic Silver
  • Only 77,589 miles (car in use, will go up)
  • Only 3 previous owners. Current owner retained for 9 years!
  • 18’’ correct style alloys (brand new as of around 2011)
  • Black leather interior
  • Bose sound system
  • Sat nav
  • Phone
  • Sunroof
  • Xenon lights
  • Air conditioning
  • Heated electric sports seats with Porsche crest
  • Porsche Stability Management
  • Alcantara head lining
  • Centre arm rest
  • Rear wiper
  • Glovebox (not on earlier cars)
  • Tracker (dormant, believe functional)
  • Climate control
  • iPod/iPhone connector
  • 12 months MOT, 1 months tax
  • Tyres - All excellent condition and matched per axel.
In a nutshell...

Car Porn Alert.

Extensive recent brake work - Lines, calipers, piston seals, caliper repaint, discs & pads

Servicing & maintenance

Full service history. Original by Porsche then a long running, reputable Porsche, factory trained, specialist thereafter. Look up 'Motortune shotts pistonheads' and you'll find glowing reviews. My philosophy has always been do what’s needed to the car when it’s needed. So when it goes for a service if something needs done it’s done. As opposed to just the minimum for a stamp. Next service not due for approx. 8 months. Below is an extract showing what, when, how much during ownership. Have original receipts for everything. Takeaway here is it's been looked after well.

Service history below further demonstrates good ownership. Car has been regularly serviced over the years. Original stamped service book (not a copy) comes with the car.

Additional service just performed 20/07/17 - 80,000. As you can see the car is doing very little miles as the years are going on hence the periods between servicing.

Worth noting that both turbos and actuators have been replaced. This is a hideously expensive piece of work and something that won't need doing for a very long time again!


I’m a long term Porsche fan. Had a 993 for around 6 years before moving up to the turbo. I bought the car locally from a dealer in Glasgow. Owned it myself for around the past 8 years.

About 4 years ago I started getting more interested and hands on with the mechanical, diagnostic side of cars. Over the years working on BMW, VAG and occasional Porsche work I built up a very solid hobbyist garage. Two post ramp, diagnostic kit, tools, knowledge etc. Around 2 years ago I took the car off the road with the intention of renewing the brake calipers. That turned into renewing the hard lines, front suspension, caliper seals etc. Long story short, I did what most hobbyists do and took forever to do it! No big deal, had the space and time.

Farewell man-cave

Time passes and I’m selling my home, a detached house with lots of space, and moving to a flat. No garage space for any more hobbyist work means all my tools etc. have to go. Limited or indeed on street parking means my current two cars just won’t fit.

Combine the logistical parking challenges of two cars at a flat, mental worry about something happening to the 996 and that’s enough to make the decision to sell. It’s an overused and likely often not actually true phrase but I am gutted to see this car go. Actually feel like more of a custodian of the car and in some ways a traitor for letting her go!

Recent Work

Having a very well equipped garage, methodical nature and bags of enthusiasm I took the car off road to carry out what turned out to be some very extensive, expensive work. Mostly focused on the braking system, the core of this work was:

Brake calipers removed and completely stripped, new seals and re-painted

Most hard lines replaced, brake calipers rebuilt (new internal seals), calipers repainted, new discs/pads/sensors/shims/damper plates etc. all round, flexi lines replaced, new disc backing plates added. The labour on this ran into dozens of hours. Cost, well I don’t have receipts to hand but it’s into four figures.

Day 3,3612 - Joy. More things to take apart.

Front suspension dampers were also replaced. Genuine Bilstein items. All the brake components are Porsche or Pagid. As I went round the car anything that needed replaced was. Even most of the brackets etc. I took of the car were soda blasted and given a coat of paint just to tidy them up. I’m not saying the entire braking system is brand new but there’s been a massive amount of renewal work done here.

On top of this misc. parts which needed attention were renewed. Coffin arm, tie rod, lower control arm etc. Car has had a full four wheel alignment done post work and a fresh service.

Engine & gearbox

Never tuned, chipped or messed around with. Regular servicing will have been a definite contributing factor to 8 years of no breakdowns, poor running etc. It’s a completely standard setup, 420 bhp I feel is enough to get you down the road. Full disclosure, there is a rattle from the engine area when the car is accelerating under load with low revs. Belief is it may be a stuck tappet but only a full inspection by an appropriately skilled engineer will confirm. Started around 100 miles ago before my decision to sell. So I have a choice of delaying a sale, identifying and resolving the issue then selling or selling at a discounted price. I'm choosing the latter. It's actually very possible the issue would go unnoticed by a prospective buyer. However, as you can see from the rest of the car's history and my work under no circumstances will I have someone buy the car under false pretences. Please be aware, I've taken this into account in the price. No haggling. If this isn't something you're comfortable with I respectfully ask you not to contact me.

Tiptronic box performs perfectly. They rarely cause trouble and this is no exception

Wheels & tyres

Excellent condition, genuine Turbo alloys. Replaced, brand new from Porsche approx. 4 years ago. Matched tyres - Michelin Pilot Sport up front, brand new. Continental Sport Contact on rear. After using Continental tyres exclusively for many years I made a decision to move to Pilot Sport's. Hence the different tyre choice up front. Key takeaway is the tyres are a first class premium brand and matched per axel.

Repair work

In 2010 the car was stolen from my home. Damage was largely cosmetic and absolutely no chassis/engine/gearbox harm. A full repair was carried out by Porsche. I was very specific in my choice of garage carrying out the repair and the repair carries Porsche's lifetime warranty.

All work carried out by Porsche & covered by lifetime guarantee

Mitchell Inglis were excellent. I made it clear I would want to see the car during repair process. As an aside, these guys are official repair centres for Ferrari, Maserati, Bentley & Porsche.

Repair process monitored carefully by myself

Have fun & make money

Porsche 996 turbo's are continuing to rise in price. I was considering selling this around one 18 months ago. Market price for this was around £26k. Now? Examples like this fetch more than £35k! This car has low miles, a great history and very well priced. What other modern car will allow you to have such fun and sell it at a profit in the future!?

More porn?

Some random snaps of the beast


There you have it

A very well cared for, much loved, enjoyed, four wheel driven, 420bhp rocket ship of awesomeness. All ready to rock a new custodians' world.

Ready to play?

Telephone +44 (0) 7711 921 400 or mail me at bill@lensspace.co.uk

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