Planning Instruction How to design screen capture training

Start with the end in mind.

Write a learning objective that refines what you are going to teach. Be sure your learning objective can be accomplished in 3-5 minutes of teaching. If you would like a deep dive into writing learning objectives, please watch the following video:

example - "In this video, you will be able to add video-overlays in Camtasia to call-out keyboard shortcuts."

Write one or two sentences introduction to your training.

What are you going to teach? Why is this important.

Example: "In order to help visual learners better understand the keyboard shortcuts we are using in a training we will display them in the lower third of the screen. In this video, I'll show you how to do this using text overlays in Camtasia."

Great training goes beyond mouse clicks, but focuses on why it's important

Make a list of the steps you are showing during the training.

  1. Import video
  2. Scrub to 1:20 seconds in on timeline
  3. Drag overlay template onto the timeline
  4. Edit layer length to 4 seconds
  5. Edit text with keyboard shortcut
  6. Preview video

When moving through your steps, be sure to narrate what you are doing.

example: "From our asset, I have the overlay template already added, and will simply drag it onto the timeline to add the overlay. Now we want to change the time so it only appears for a few seconds, to do this..."

Write an conclusion sentence to reiterate what you just taught.

Example: "Now we have added a video overly by adding the template to the timeline and modifying it with the right text and timing. You can also use overlays to label people, add definitions, or any other text that makes your video better."

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