Timber! GMO Paper Trees..... But What are they?

What, Where, and How?

GMO Paper Trees are not defined as trees made out of paper but actually genetically modified trees for paper. These trees possibilities are endless for the environment and for our lives. Roads to higher quality wood are available. With these steps, we are able to make environment-friendly paper. The effects of deforestation can be restored with these trees. Plus we can even revive different species of trees. To produce paper from real trees is a painstaking task which produces pollution. GMO Trees, with their modified lignin, entitle us to the process making paper to easier and with less pollution because they are easier to break down.

Erik Mirkov and another Technician check on their GMO Plants on how its growing and developing.
A Brief Time line of GMO Paper Trees

Many discoveries led up to the the current stage of genetically modified tree for paper. For example, in 1988, Belgium developed GE Poplars to resist herbicides, a toxic to plants and vegetation. His stab led to the opening of the paper tree because it would eventually help out the trees to survive certain toxins. The second example is, as early as 1999 big companies have been supporting Genetically Engineered Trees. This boasted the development of the Paper Trees because of its Media Attention to the fact that GMO Paper Trees could benefit us. Wrapping this all up is how research on Genetically Modified Trees was started in 1988. Based on concerns about our environment's problems. Companies and governments launched the research of this project.

Spread the Word! Or should we?

Widespread use of GMO may be treacherous because of the many unpredictability it holds. The need to be mindful of the fact that we also must preserve some of nature's trees is out there. But there are always pros and cons. Many of the companies that make paper from these trees would gather the wood for paper easier, and with better quality. But the ecosystem will be affected if we were to plant a large forest.

What is Lignin?

We keep on talking about Lignin, but what is it actually? Lignin is actually a organic polymer in many plant’s cells. It helps the trees become solid and rigid. By modifying this will allow it to become softer making it easier to cut down and make paper out of it. It also reduces pollution because the process is more smooth. Eliminating the excess fumes that are need to boil the wood.

Created By
Nicholas & Daniel


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