Street stories Paula Ulloa, Juan Amaya y Néstor Figueroa

After six months of the intervention in the Bronx, there is an unknown: How many people are living on the streets in Bogota?

The Secretariat of Social Integration said that over the last several months 550 homeless said "yes" to the opportunity to initiate a process of detoxification and re-socialization. One of them is a man of 51 years, who for protection of his identity has decided to call himself Carlos, and who for three months has been in the recovery process: which includes leaving the street, abandoning consumption of hallucinogens, and developing social activities and trying to find a job. Currently, Carlos wants to find his son, he has not seen him for more than 12 years, start a business of wraps and crepes, and to recover what the street snatched him.


Carlos, exhabitante de calle. Ricardo Wiches, Pedagogo Centro de Atención Transitorio. Jhon, amigo de Carlos. María Consuelo Araujo, Secretaria de Integración social. General Hoover Pinilla, Comandante de la Policía Metropolitana de Bogotá. Hollman Morris, Concejal Movimiento Progresistas. Diego Molano, Concejal Centro Democrático. Wilson Díaz, Alcalde local de Los Mártires. Gustavo Niño, Alcalde local de Santa Fe.

Multimedia sources

The Bronx: a city inside Bogotá

Context: Infographics with the balance of operations. Source: Sec Social Integration.

Infographic about the balance of the operation

Central story: Location video made by Carlos / Fulles of the video interview (The story is going to spin interventions from all sources).

Blue angels

Blue Angels: Carlos's report told how he accept the help provided by the professionals of the government entity (video).

Street Habitability Policy in Bogotá (text and images).

Interview with Maria Consuelo Araujo, Secretary of Social Integration (audio).

Interview with Ricardo, Pedagogue of the Transitory Care Center (video) Full in which he talks about the role of the center in the process of re-socialization of inmates.

Carlos’s friends (Fulles in video of Jhon and Ricardo, describing how Carlos is in the Center).

¿Is Bogotá a city for everybody?

- Interview with Diego Molano, Councilor of the Democratic Center (video).

- Recovery of the Public Space (Which spaces were used exclusively by the mafias and the inhabitants of the street). Audio interviews with the local mayors of Mártires and Santa Fe.

- Opposition to the policy for the attention of the homeless. Interview with Hollman Morris, Councilor for the Progressive Movement (video).

- Response of the Secretary of Social Integration to the tutelas applied to the action of the district with this population (video).

-Balance of security by the Metropolitan Police of Bogotá (audio / foto).

Carlos dreams will come true

Carlos's told us about his dream of being a gourmet entrepreneur (video).

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