Baker's Diner Dillsburg, Pennsylvania

Baker’s Diner is a family restaurant that exudes the classic diner atmosphere with chrome accents and counter seating. Located in Dillsburg, the diner sits directly off of Route 15. However, because it is located along a busy highway, it is easier seen than accessed. The only way to reach the parking lot is by crossing over two lanes of highway traffic.

Baker's sign along Route 15

One of the main features of this restaurant is the fish tank sitting next to the door for customers to view as they enter the restaurant and are waiting to be seated. Seating, however, is not a concern at this restaurant. I was immediately seated just after I was graciously greeted by the friendly hostess. As I walked to my table, it was evident that although the seating service was quick, it was not due to a lack of customers. The restaurant was filled with afternoon conversations and waitresses’ chatter with their customers.

The seating arrangements include both booths and tables, with the capability of accommodating large parties. It also features counter seating- a diner classic. One of the newer features of the diner is a new addition which provides an open room great for larger parties, as contrast to the rest of the restaurant which is not as spaced out.

One of the appeals to this diner is that it stays open 24 hours- perfect for those late night diner runs. Another appealing aspect is the menu. The diner is known for its traditional diner comfort food as well as breakfast served all day. Some of these classic dishes include burgers, turkey dinners, chicken tender platters, and club sandwiches

It is also equipped with a fully stocked selection of freshly made baked goods such as carrot cake, Oreo cheesecake, whoopie pies, and red velvet cake to top off the dinner selections.

The layout of the menu is categorized nicely so that choosing from the many options is not difficult. All items on the menu are also reasonably priced.

The service I received was impeccable. The food was prepared nicely and served in a timely fashion. My water glass was always full. The waitresses are very friendly as is the rest of the staff you encounter there.

After ordering a waffle topped with strawberries and a side of home fries, my meal was out within a matter of minutes. When the food came out, it looked absolutely mouthwatering and I was ready to dig in!

One of the pitfalls to their service at Baker’s Diner is paying the bill. The waitress does not take the payment up for you rather you must pay for your meal at the cash register. While this is not a huge problem as it is a common practice for diners, it is slightly inconvenient. However, they make it as easy as possible to pay the bill as the cashier is located just inside the doors of the restaurant so you can pay as you make your way out the door.

Overall, the experience at Baker’s Diner was enjoyable as you are welcomed into restaurant and leave with that warm and fuzzy (and full!) feeling due the the comforting atmosphere and spectacular service.

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