Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH

At the Entrance of FLMNH

Introduction: The photo above is taken at the entrance of FLMNH, I've been here twice already from other courses, so I'm quite familiar of the layout of museum, but I love this place because it has so much information about Florida that I never going to learn except here, to look with my own eyes. It has similar environments of the south Florida back hundreds of years, and since I live in south Florida, I choose to explore the south Florida exhibit.

The Calusa homes

Nature on Display: After I walked into the south Florida exhibit, this was the first thing I noticed, the houses of the Florida natives, the Calusa people. I liked this section because it has these real-looking environments of the old days, and I was able to see how they lived and some of their traditions. Although I could learn the information from books or other museums, but the FLMNH gave me the visual experience of the history.

One of old Calusa days

Nature and Ethics: I cropped my face out of this picture because I was facing against the sun and all there had was just a black shadow in the shape of me. However, I was fascinated by this little section of the exhibit, it is a family of the Calusa having a regular day at near their home. Back then, there aren't oil spill in the water, or pollution in the air, mother nature had gifted us a clean environment to live in and we, the child of nature, are slowly destroying it. I agree with Leopold, we should learn to appreciate the land rather than focusing on its value, or what can it provide us in terms of money, we will surely come to our end soon if we keep taking nature for granted.

The Calusa Leader House

Nature and the Human Spirit: The photo above is taken at the Calusa leader's house, which I was quite amazed by it. The gesture of the citizens kneeling down and provide the leader with goods, and the leader's family sitting up so high with little to none facial expression is very interesting. I only saw something like this on TV, but here at FLMNH I was able to looking at the daily life of the Calusa people, and not just the modern life we are having today. Heschel suggested that we should take time in our daily lives to connect to the eternal, and I agree. I was able to look inside the house of the Calusa leader because of FLMNH, this museum has given me the opportunity to see the natural world that once existed in the place we live today.

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