Get Better My Guy (Math Catch Up) Yo boi, Brandon, is Going to try explaining all the things you missed.

Alright, so you've been sick for a while, and me being the great friend that I am, I'm going to help you out on what you missed, or at least try.

So in this, I'm going to cover different math concepts including; exponential functions, logs and ln functions.

So the first thing we'll cover is exponential function. The exponential function is written as f(x) = b^x.

Let's say you have a functions being f(x) = 3^x and it asks you to graph the function. You will have to do this.

Sorry for not having a straight line bros.

Alright, so now that we have the exponential function, we're going to have a a problem or a scenario.

If 10 people get sick from a certain virus and each one get's 10 people sick every week, how many sick people will there be in 4 weeks?

So even if we change the weeks, let's say now we have to find out the 6th week, We plug in 6 in "n" and we will receive the amount of people affected.

Now, we're going to learn about exponential compound interest.

It will be modeled by A= P(1 + r/n)^nt

  • A equals the balance amount
  • P is the beginning amount
  • r will represent the annual interest rate. (This is the annual rate meaning it's one time per year)
  • n is the number of times compounded in a year
  • Finally, t will be the times in years

Here's some problems:

  1. Calculate the balance if $7,000 is invested for 20 years at 14% compounded weekly.
  2. Calculate the balance if $100 is invested for 7 years at 8% compounded weekly.
  3. Calculate the balance $2,888 is invested for 11 years at 13% compounded weekly.

Next, we're going to change a Log into an Exponential.

So now, we're going to do the Natural Log. So log with base e is written as lnx. The common notation of log is log10X. And the natural log notation is logeX

Alright , so now we're going to make an exponential function and graph it, but this time we're going to have the domain, range, intercepts, and a end behavior.

So why is this all important? Well exponential function and exponential growth and decay are both important. With that, we can find how or how many people would get infected with a virus. Exponential is something that we can actually use in the real world.


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