The Scorch Trials movie vs. book

Thomas and the gladers escape the maze and are put in a safe house to protect them. they escape and they have to cross the scorch in two weeks but there is a conflict they have to fight off the cranks they have the flare which is a disease that gives the horrible wounds and they try to kill every moving survivor from the scorch

the gladers are put in a safe house by wicked they would call out other peoples names and take them to safe heaven but really its not so safe the gladers and Thomas escape from wicked and cross the scorch and battle off people with the flare and get to a guy that can get them to safety they found an army and teamed up with them but Teresa betrays them and leaves with wicked

they found dead bodies from the ceiling but that wasn't in the movie another difference was that Thomas had slammed into a clear barrier and tried to find out what it was but this barrier was not in the movie

i would pick the book because it has a lot more detail and it talks about more in the book then it does in the movie its more interesting to sit there and read the book then to watch the movie


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