Titanic-Unsinkable By : Riley sharpe

Me and mum are about to go on a holiday. I ask my mum ,"When are we going to leave for the titanic".

She replies ,"After I finish packing my clothes".

thirty minutes later we are on the Titanic. I ask my mum ,"how much did it cost to make the Titanic".

Mum says,"123 million American dollars".

I ask my mum," when is the titanic going to sail"

She Doesn't respond. We are first class passengers, some people aren't as lucky as us and they are stuck in third class.(one hour later)The ship has sailed.

The ship is so luxurious that the nappies were made of gold. In the pier glass I could see lifeboats behind me .I'm home sick of our flat and there is still a fortnight left of the voyage and suddenly a gust of wind blows my bonnet off. I am very chuffed at the quality of the tea. After supper is over we put our trash in the dustbin. When it is teatime we grab biscuits and other tea from the tin. So far I am enjoying my holiday.

Today is the first day of autumn. One of many restaurants in the titanic had a deal to buy one biscuit and get one free for two shillings. I asked my mum for two shillings but we got in to an argy -bargy whether I get the shillings or not. I won the argy-bargy and I was very bonny but I felt bad about the argy-bargy with my mother.

I wonder how much post I have at the flat. Surely I have missed so many fits of my favorite television show. I can just imagine myself eating sweets at the flat.(SUDDENLY)I heard a long irritating scrape on the ship,Then I've realized,



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