Good Life Performance by cristina martinez

My friend and I had gotten to the theater early. When we went into the theater we were in the first row. Definitely being in the first row affected my experience. Being in the front I think formed a greater connection with the actors for me. Being in the front there was at least twice where actors had a monologue and it made eye contact non escapable. When the lights dimmed and it became silent it was easy to pay attention. I think the smaller size of theater made the play more personal. I think place can affect what you think the Good Life is. I think there are a lot of variables that can effect of what you think the good life is. And the place where you grew up or are presently can effect what you view as the good life.
I attended the play with a good friend. We decided to go together early. Going with my friend enhanced my experience because after were able to talk about the play. After the show we were able to compare our those about it. I think shared experiences allow us to connect with other people. Shared experiences allow us to become comfortable with other people by relating to them. Also experiencing things with other people sometimes give experiences more meaning. These shared experiences allow us to connect and form relationships which help us achieve the Good Life.
The play addressed a lot of issues that had been purposely hidden by the Catholic church. Being a Catholic I knew about these scandals relevance in recent years. I think the play made me think about how this issue was resolved in recent years versus the time frame of the play. In recent years many victims called for justice and acknowledgment from the Catholic church. But in the play the victim highlights how the truth being revealed would possibly have more negative impacts then coming forward. It makes me believe that the Catholic Church has many things they have kept hidden through scaring victims.
I think the performance gives us an opportunity for katharsis by making us acknowledge the flaws in our religion. Many of us like to think that our religion is "the" religion. As well it provides us with a chance to come clean by thinking about and acknowledging things that we have maybe ignored that are ethically and morally wrong.


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