Bathosestuaryicthy Adrian guerreo

Zones my fish lives in: My fish lives in the hadapelagic zone as we as the abyssal pelagic.

Abiotic factors of the Abyssal zone: Water is extremely cold around 39 degrees farenheit and 4 degrees celsius. There is high pressure in that region of water as well being very dark.

Abiotic factors of the hadal zone: extreme water pressure makes it impossible fro most organisms to live there as well as low nutrient level. the hadal zone can reach below 6,000 meters.

My organism Has photophoric pores which allow it to create its own sorce of light, thus giving it energy. My organism also has thick scales that let it conserve heat and sustain itself in the cold temperatures.

My organism uses large pectoral fins to move through the cold water, as well as smal fins in the back to push itself forward.

My organism filter feeds usually, but when available, feeds on other organisms in the abbyssal zone as such as jellyfish and viperfish.

My organism is 32 inches long and weigh 12 pounds.

My organism is red. It adapted this color over time to protect itself from potential predators since red blends in well with the dark.

My organism protects itself from predators by quicky slapping its predator with its large dorsal fins.

My fish is Nektonic, it swims using its several fins, two in the front, one dorsal fin and two in the back.

My fish uses large gills to breath in the little amount of oxygen in the deep water and get as much oxygen as possible from the water.

The males usually exert a pod of sperm that glows bright so the females kind find it. When the female finds it, she swallows it and fertilizes the eggs and later gives birth to the organisms. My fish reproduces like this, so the male can continue to look for potential prey instead of stopping to reproduce.

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