Little explorers, big adventure

Eight little explorers from the on-campus Co-operative nursery visited the construction site on East Slope this week to learn about life as a builder.

"Hard hats are so you don't bump your head" and "yellow jackets are so machines can see you and not crush you" explained two of the children as they got the chance to dress like builders.

The safety boots were on the large side for our budding excavators, but some of the children enjoyed stamping on the steel toe caps to test how well they protect the workers' feet!

After an interactive workshop learning about building equipment and materials, construction vehicles and even wildlife found around the East Slope site, the young visitors ventured outside to see some real building action. "The crane reaches nearly to the clouds" observed one pre-schooler.

Another noticed "The digger crunches and scoops the dirt" and that the "dumper truck goes beep, beep, beep when it goes along!"

Before it was time to go home, the group had just enough time to choose a great souvenir to take with them - a large chunk of chalk! This lovely, crumbly piece was destined to be turned into several smaller lumps, just the right size for little hands to draw their own diggers on the patio back at the Nursery!

All the little visitors agreed that it was tiring work on a construction site, and once their big adventure was over, they headed back to nursery for some well-earned sandwiches!

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