The Wright Brothers By: Michael Han

The Wright Brothers were the first people to successfully make an working airplane. Although, it may not look like much when compared to current airplanes.

The Wright Brothers (Orville, 1871-1948, Wilbur, 1867-1912)

Wilbur was born in Millville, Indiana. Orville was born in Dayton, Ohio. Both of them spent their lives in Ohio. In fact, the brothers basically had a normal four year degree. These two brothers were involved in the printing business. But, in 1892, they started to manufature and repair bicycles.

Wright Brothers Bicycle Company

Soon, their printing business was closed in 1897 and the brothers started working with bikes full time. They actually kind of started way back in 1896, manufacturing bikes. I believe that they also built bikes. For example, "Van Cleve", was the name of one of their bikes that they made.

Image of Van Cleve

If you didn't know, Orville and Wilbur innovated on their bikes just so the wheels didn't wear down on the streets of Dayton. But, besides that, they had (i believe) other innovations. Having their business doing really well, the Wright brothers soon sold the business to W.F. Meyers, a bicycle salesman. In 1899, Wilbur experimented on a long, narrow box. He found out found out that if he were to draw the corners together, the box would twist. Wilbur used this method to make a biplane. The Wright Brothers continued to work on these biplane gliders, until 1911. Which was way long after they decided to stop the experiments. They tried some of their ideas for a glider and set a new soaring record! 1903, the brothers made the first aircraft. It had alot of similarities to their gliders. After this, they continued to innovate on their aircrafts. In 1909, Wilbur and Orville sold one model to the United States Army Signal Corp.

The Military Flyer

This model was specifically modeled for speed. It went 42 mph, which was 2 miles over their minimum speed. After this, they continued working on their planes. Nowadays, Airplanes are much faster and reliable.

Airplane nowadays

Fast Facts:

1. The Wright Brothers won multiple awards. One of them includes The Collier Trophy, which is awarded for great acheivement in aeronautics.

2. The Wright Brothers continued to innovated the airplane for a long time. (Sources used didn't really show anyone doing any other innovations but, I assume that there was.)

If your interested in what type of engineering field this falls in, (maybe you want to pursue this type of career), then I would say that this is probably in the aeronautics department. They make multiple aircrafts such as helicopters and airplanes.

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