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This is a view from a drone

Algeria is a country located in Northern Africa bordering the Mediterranean Sea. It is considered the gateway between Africa and Europe. Neighboring countries include Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Tunisia, and Western Sahara. Algeria is mostly desert with a few mountains and a narrow coastal plain. The government system is a republic; the chief of state and head of government is the president. Algeria has a mixed economic system which includes a variety of private freedom, combined with centralized economic planning, and government regulation.

This is a view of one of the largest deserts

Location- is where something is located/their is relative and absolute

This is algerias Notre dame

Algerias country's relative location is northwestern Africa

This is how everyone gets to algeria

Algeria capital is Algiers and the absolute location is 36.7538 degrees north and 3.0588 degrees east / Algeria is located on the continent of Africa

This is where the soccer games are hosted at
This is what the city looks life from above

Some interesting landforms found in the country is the Sahara desert and Atlas Mountains.

Males how to wear this almost everyday
This is a sandstorm that happen in desert part of algeria

3 facts about the climate is that In the summer months, temperatures in desert regions of Algeria can hit 50°C. But nights in the Sahara are often cold and in winter, temperatures can dip below freezing. Only 12 percent of total land is inhabited.

This is where the ancient people were buried when they passed away
This is downtown of algeria

Morocco, Mauritania , niger , and Libya are the countries that algeria

This is Algerian food
This is a public holiday

Oil , gas sector , iron, phosphate, uranium, and lead are all of the natural resources

This is the Algerian gas plant

Berbers , dance groups and Tuareg are the main cultural groups that are practiced

These are the dancers

The main religion practiced is muslim

This is what algeria looks like on New Years

The holidays that they celebrate is New Years , Labor Day and Independence Day.

This is the poor part of algeria
This is Algiers the capital of Algeria

The type of government is republic

This is the most visited statue

3 facts about the republic l system are it was adopted in 1976 2) modified in 1996 to allow formation of political parties 3) the head of the government name is abdelmalek sellal

The famous restaurant in uptown of algeria
More than 1k people visit this a day
This is were all of the best artwork goes
View of algerias national capital
These are the oldest hostels
This is were all of the Algerians come to cut trees down

Human-environment interaction- the relations between people and their environment or how they work together.

This is the river by Algeria , people just keep on litering

Cereal crops such as wheat and barley are grown along coastal areas

This was an old train station that they burned down

Jobs that are found in Nigeria are construction, farming and fishing

Theses a Algerians getting leaves for there homes

Lion, monk seal are the best endangered animals in Nigeria

Being a cop in Nigeria is very big

Soil erosion from poor farming are the main problems

You could be a doctor in Nigeria
This is construction one of ththe highest paid jobs in nigeria
The lions are endangered in because they are being squeezed out of their natural habitat by humans and livestock
The ivy plants are endangered because of the beauty

Region - areas that can be grouped together by a set of things special to that area

Algerias primary education is General Secondary Education

The total population is 39.21 million and the density is 16.65

The area in square miles is 919,600 miles squared

5.360.70usd is the capita GDP

the life expectancy for males is 73.8 and for females it is 77.5

The literacy rate is 80.2%

The climate region is adrid

Flat bread is th main good imported
This is what they call the "ring road"

Movement- people , things such as goods as well as communication ( movement of ideas )

Capital goods, foods, peotroleum and natural gas

This is a boat , they need boats to get and give goods

When the violence escalated, 500,000 French troops were sent to crush the Muslim rebellion. After seven years, the Algerian war ended on March 18, 1962, when the French and the FLN signed a peace treaty. Algeria won its independence after 130 years of colonial French rule.

Plane is th main source of movement in Algeria

Steel and petrochemical industries are the technology they use

Some movement involves camels
A computer is a source of technology in Algeria
Th train takes Algerians around the city
They also have cellphones in algeria
This is one of the import goods
This is inside of the largest iron plants
This is the largest movement called the barakat
These are Moroccans being welcomed home after being deatained

More than 200 Moroccans have been detained at Algeria's main airport after trying to travel to Libya, where Islamic State militants are building a new caliphate.The men were stopped at Algiers airport on Saturday night and were considered suspicious because they did not have legal residence in Libya.

These are some soldiers that helped detain the airport
There was more then 100,000 people at Mohamed tamalt funeral

2016 December British-Algerian journalist Mohamed Tamalt dies three months into a hunger strike to protest a two-year jail term for offending President Bouteflika in a poem and video post on Facebook.

This is Mohamed tamalt going into his casket
This is how males date
When kids get bored they play soccer

Algerian teenagers do get that sense of wanting to look nice all the time, they start being all trendy and fashionable, but they all focus on the same thing: Marriage & house work. They have some jobs , they play soccer for fun , and they listen to like Algerian dancing music, they dress with lots of jewelry and hats over there head.

This is how females dress
You can go visit the Oran is algeria
This is called "al qal " of beni hammad

Algeria has a faded, run down beauty. The centre of the city is full of white stuccoed buildings in the French colonial style and you’ll love exploring the up-and-down streets and avenues. Our view is very good you can see the whole ocean from almost anywhere. The public transportation, we have cable cars that take you from place to place and we also have trains. The food is cheap so you don't have to worry about breaking your pockets .

The timgad is also a good place to visit
This is a famous bridge
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