Using an Online Planner During Distance Learning Keeping up with coursework when working independently

Feeling overwhelmed during distance learning? Try using an online planner to keep track of your coursework!

Start With a Digital Planner Template

You can always use a paper-based student planner, but the benefit of a digital version is the ability to easily customize it and add hyperlinks to digital assignments.

1. After creating a copy of the planner, make it your own! Start by filling out the "Course Map" section.

  • Delete rows for periods you don't have.
  • Color-code rows by subject to match the reference table below it.
  • Add hyperlinks to specific Google Classrooms, classroom websites, etc.

See sample below.

Sample "Course Map" customization for a student who doesn't have a Period 1 or 7. This student also does not have a math or science class, but does have 3 elective classes.

2. As you get assignments, track them on the calendar.

  • Start by customizing the calendar to match your class schedule. Delete/add rows to match the courses that you have.
  • Add specific assignment information on the calendar so that you know what you need to complete for each class.
  • If posted assignments are linkable, add hyperlinks directly to your work so it's easy to access.
  • You can even track your completion of assignments with check marks or other symbols!

See sample below.

Sample calendar customization based on schedule from sample "Course Calendar." Note how added activities are hyperlinked, times for teacher support Zoom meetings are added on dates, and green check marks track progress.

Need more help with your digital planner or getting organized?

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