Abigail de Groof Interviewed by Elise Von bargen

"If you could be an animal what would it be? Why?"

Cat, because I’m antisocial and sometimes likes the outdoors, even though if I go out for a second I’ll hate it.

Cat Inside a House
"What place do you want to travel to most?Why?"

Tokyo, Japan, because it has a great culture and many things (food, machines, etc.) that I would like to try.

Japanese Dessert
"If you could be in any musical what would it be? Why?"

21 Chump street, because while it is a short musical, that would mean it would be easier to memorize, and has many great songs. Either that or Heathers.

Cast of 21 Chump Street
"What is your dream job? Why?"

Spacecraft engineer at NASA’s jet propulsion lab, because I like both engineering and space, and I could help go even farther through the universe.


In conclusion:

Abigail de Groof

Cats are her heirloom

As shown by her favorite game Neko Atsume

She wants to Go Go Go to Tokyo

21 Chump Street kicks of her musical beat

And when she is all grown she wants to work

As a Spacecraft engineer at NASA’s jet propulsion lab.

(Way to ruin the whole rhyming scheme.)


Created with images by Joelk75 - "More Neko Atsume" • summer park - "cat" • Hope2016 - "blue sky cherry blossom tower" • sharonang - "cake cream strawberry" • skeeze - "spacecraft liftoff smoke" • Willy D - "nasa"

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