Y Chavez Art 1 Portfolio

Card 1: Line & Rhythm

line is a 2 or 3d point and rhythm is the repetition

Card 2: Shape and movement.

movement is a feeling to guide the viewer.

Card 3: Form and proportion

form is a 3d figure like a cube. proportion is the relationship between each object.

Card 4: color and unity

My favorite picture is color and unity because it shows many colorful and repeating details in art. I used warm and cool colors to express many of the

Card 5: space and balance

space is the depth of artwork which is defined by negativity and positivity. Balance is the stability of the art work

Card 6: Texture and repetition

Texture is the way the art feels.

Card 7: Value and pattern

Value shows tones of many bright or darkness of a color.

Card 8: Variety

Variety is using many shapes and colors.

Card 9: emphasis

Emphasis is a picture with one color main color and with another color that is brighter or that stands out from the rest of the picture.

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