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Radical, Outspoken, and trapped in the suburbs. These are the witches of Midtown. Unlike the depictions written for fiction, these suburban witches aren’t your Goth fashion bound, grimoire forges, mall hopping teens that you come to expect. In fact, most of these witches don’t consider themselves to be bound to those conventions. Some still wear the black garb, black hats, and school uniform stylings that were in favor from the 1980's to the 1990;s. However, the fashion here reflects the eclectic and eccentric nature of the district.

The Fanged Stiletto Coven

The witches here do not practice a centralized magic. Most are very traditional practitioners with grimoires, cauldrons, broomsticks, amulets, and etc. They believe in the magic of community and openness. It takes a village to raise a child and also takes a village of witches to raise the dead back to life…or at least some for a life.

Modern Midtown

Some History:

In the 1950's the first suburbs in midtown were created by the Bell Witch Coven and founded by Martha Bell. It was celebrated for having the model nuclear family (Husband, Wife, and 2.5 children) and the idyllic Americana Dream (white picket fence, simple houses, family Cadillac, and apple pie) was presented for all witch communities. Most of the individuals in this district were middle to upper middle class office workers and homemakers.

It was for a lack of a better term…very…very…very…white.

That was until the 1960's when the district started to integrate and the very start of “White Flight” (white families who were prejudice and against integration left in mass exodus.) It was during that time that the Poison Bells were formed. They were a group of white witches that met in secret that caused supernatural problems, sent out hexes, and sent poisons to their “colored” neighbors. They were eventually silenced and their leader Rhonda Hale was burned at the stake by the Bell Witch Coven.

Gracey's Corner

In 1975 the first Mambo Cora Grace joined the Bell Witch Coven followed by the first Wu Linda Hua and Bruja Rita Castello that same year. It was also in 1975 that the district was given governing status which allowed them to not have to answer to the other surrounding districts in the area.

In 1996 the current head of the Bell Witch Coven, Margret Morgan, created the Martha Bell Home for Lost Children. Unlike the name suggest, the children weren’t lost…instead they were abandoned or runaways for different reasons most were Gay, Lesbian, and Trans children kicked out of homes. Some were from broken and abusive families with nowhere to go. And there were also the orphaned children due to different supernatural disasters.

In recent years the landscape and identity of the district has changed. No longer is it the Americana dreamscape that it was first advertised in the 1950s, but it is now it is a safe haven for queer witches, artist, and middle class workers from the surrounding area.

Martha Bell Homes


District Overview:

Midtown is home to 20,000 residents from various backgrounds and the home to four witch covens. The Bell Witches with 10 voting members and 40 house members overlook the coming and goings of the district. They range from lawyers, doctors, police officers, teachers, and store owners keeping everything in ship shape. The Bell Witches currently headed by Margret Morgan are also the main contributors to teaching the youth in the area magic. If you want your child to be the best witch they can be but also want them to express themselves and form lasting bonds, you send them to the Bell Academy.


Most of them are of the middle class variety from your office drones to your coffee runners to your store hands. You also have a lot of artist who flock to this area inspired by the scenery in the surrounding area and how close they are to High Street they are. In some way gentrification has crept up on the district with its hike in housing prices, but that’s another story.

For attractions there’s The Trisha Davey Park and Community Center where most of the community events are held which holds up to 8,000 individuals. It is also the site where the annual Winter Solstice ritual is had hosted by the Bell Witches. Another attraction is Bellatrix Mall which has 40 shops from various vendors ranging from the mundane to the occult including Philosopher's Underground, Kat’s Closet, and a Mars Defense shop…which is a weapons shop that has gotten a lot of flak for being built.

The Bell Witches are currently sponsoring a new coven of witches called The Chimed Ones.

Chimed Ones

The Chimed are graduates of Bell Academy who excel in some form of practice in magic. Their main focus as a coven is to help solve supernatural occurrences happening in Port Town which ranges from healings to putting up wards to even preventing the extinction of certain supernatural creatures. They also prevent the force servitude of familiars which has caused a few head bumps with the Downtown Witches.

Current Members of the Chimed.
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