Good Life Tour of the Harn Katherin Mena


This is going to be my story about me going to the art museum and how it made me feel with the different art. Today around two in the afternoon I got off work to and went straight to the museum, I brought my boyfriend with me this time. I did not think UF had such a big art museum I've been to a few art museum in Miami. I love Art there so much meaning to it and wisdom, it really opens my mind so much more.

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

This painting made me feel like if I’m able to jump in the painting and end up in Tokyo. Being able to see it in person helped me get a better understanding and better appreciate the work. Looking at the painting really closely made it feel like if I was in the middle of traffic and everyone in Tokyo was looking at me weird, it was telling me what a busy, hard working, fast pace of a city they are. The technique of the artist that I found to be so striking was the brightness and lights on the cars making it seem like there was really energy light on the cars. “Yvonne Jacquette” was the artist, she named her work “Tokyo Street with pachinko Parlor II"

Design of the Museum:

David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing really got my full attention. What got my attention first was the entrance the wooden walls with the light shining bright towers the name. When I went inside it was beautiful, what caught my eyes was the “Seated Buddha” artist by Grandhara. I just love Buddha’s. I was amazed the fact how the Buddha was seating on a triangle rock and the point of the rock was down, impressive that was like that. The spacing was wonderful there was so much space a whole team fits there, the exhibit made feel peaceful and happy. The Garden they have outside was so beautiful I took a lot of pictures of it.

Art and Core Values

Frida Kahlo was a woman who had a tough time growing up, but this was a woman of strong political beliefs, steadfast devotion, a liberated lifestyle, and a woman who is numerous hardships and exercised great control. This appeals to one of the core values which is desired, I read about Frida Kahlo already knew she was a strong woman but going to the museum and having a visual representation of the artist made me feel desire and loving towers myself because Kahlo was a little different from most girls but she did not care she knew she was beautiful. It helped me cherish myself more and be happy for myself

Art and the Good Life

This artwork by Frank Stella call Zandvoort really represents the theme of a hardship life because in my opinion the good life is a concept that must be unlocked.In order to reach "the good life" one must go through several complex obstacles and locked doorways, leaning valuable lessons along the way. This complex piece of art can be seen differently by every viewer, similar to how everyone has a different interpretation of what the good life really is. The massive size of the painted shows how large the good life can be and the endless opportunities. Although there are many ways of getting to the good life and many personalized, unique obstacles one must go through, there is only one true was to cross over into the good life just like how there is only one main lock in this painting.


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