Macabre By sadie Marvin

Something dealing with gruesome, horrible death.

Sedlec Ossuary

According to the Sedlec Ossuary there were about 40,000 human bodies are now arranged and the place is now popularly known as the Church of Bones. All those bones that are there, when they were alive all 40,000 dead people wished to be buried in a holy place and that why they went to Sedlec in the first place, and now their bones are right in the middle of the chapel. In the 15th century a Gothic church was built near the cemetery and its basement was used as an Ossuary. The bones stayed there for centuries till 1870 when woodcarver named Frantisek Rink was appointed to place the bones in order.

Island Of Dolls

About 50 years ago there was a girl who drowned and died. There was this guy named Barrera who found the girl floating in the canal and blamed himself for not able to save her. He later discovered a doll floating in the same waters and, assuming it belonged to the deceased girl, hung it from a tree as a sign of respect. His descent into madness began with this seemingly innocent act. Barrera began to hear whispers, footsteps and the anguished wails of a woman in the darkness even though his hut - hidden deep inside the woods of Xochimilco - was miles away from civilisation. Driven in fear, he hung the dismembered toys from the trees to protect himself from her ghost and spent the next 50 years 'decorating' the woods in a desperate attempt to appease her.

The Fire Mummies And Hanging Coffins Of The Philippines


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