Are we in the middle of the sixth mass extinction By cullen todd

A mass extinction event is a disappearince of species ranging from 45% to 99.5% of all creatures on earth. There have been five so far and they tend to occur every 75-200 million years. -Neil DeGrasse Tyson

What causes mass extinction?

  • Can be caused by a disease in theory but it has never been confirmed
  • Catastrophies like and meteors can cause very fast mass extinctions
  • A most are caused by failure to adapt to change to the environment or change in food sources
What was the Permian extinction?

The Permian extinction was the biggest mass extinction and killed 95% of all land animals and 99.7% of a sea creatures

How did the Permian extinction happen

The Permian extinction occurred because rising temperatures led to lower oxygen content in the water and this provided a perfect environment for bacteria that produce poisoneos gas that drifted up from the depths of the ocean and on to land killing billions of animals by killing plants that they fed on

What ways could we cause a mass extinction?

Nuclear war could result in the death of thousands if not millions of species, not just humans

Global warming is another probable cause and global temptation are increasing at never before seen rates and species are already die out because of it

A cross-species plague could result in the death of a species and the resulting change to the food chain could be devastating

How long do we have?

Truth is we have already, as a species, caused a sixth mass extinction and at species dying out at 15,000 per year due to global warming/deforestation/poaching etc. we need to fix the problem or risk causing our own extinction as a species

The Permian extinction (which if you recall was caused by global warming) had a average global temperature of about 23.8 degrees Celsius. At a global temp growing by .3 degrees a year we will reach that in fifteen years.

What can we do to reverse it?

We cant

We have done so much damage that we may never be able to recover. We need to stop burning coal and gasoline and start using

Sorry for freaking you out. Here's a puppy!


"How did the Permian extinction happen?"-

The Death Of Our Species(scholastic)-

Common sense(by. Jill hermann)2011-

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Cullen Todd


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