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Why donating to RobinGood better than Donating to other NGO’s?

There are scores of NGO’s and Charity orgainzations around the world and some of them or maybe most of them do some amazing work. Still we feel that there is a need to do more as the challenges in the current world order with its huge disparities are humongous. Also as the NGO becomes larger its cost of operations also become large, smaller NGO’s suffer from a reputation challenge. We feel that we don’t have to depend only on NGO’s to do good work. Each one of us have the power to make a difference, we may think that it may be small, But a collective of Small efforts can have a much bigger and deeper impact.

Will all the money donated by Donors go to RobinGood?

Yes! Other than the banking transaction cost.

What are the chances of Fraud?

Minimal! As your money is going to a person already known to you

What happens if RobinGood is unable to deploy money?

In a scenario where the entire group feels or RobinGood himself feels that he is unable to deploy the money, The balance money in the fund can be returned to the Donors

Do i have to commit monthly?

Yes! will have to be a monthly so that the initiatives have an effective impact.

What if I want to give lump sum?

At the heart of the idea we would like to promote regular donations, so In the first phase NO, Later as new features and cause specific funds mechanism are made live, you will be able to donate lump sum.

Can I stop my donations in between?

Anytime you want

Will my monthly commitments be for a fixed period or perpetuity?

For a period of 12 months atleast.

Will I get tax benefits if i donate to RobinGood?

Not Sure Yet

Can people other than FnF donate to a RobinGood?

We would like it to be only a FnF platform, but going forwad maybe. But definitely not in the 1st phase of the project

Does RobinGood have an absolute discretion over deployment of funds?

Yes! You can of course put your suggestions and comments on the social communication platform for RG to take note of.

Can I invest into other NGO’s through this platform?


How will the money flow from Donors account to RobinGood?

It will be transfered every month from Donor’s account ( like an SIP ) to the platform’s secure escrow account and would be available to RobinGood whenever he would like to withdraw.

Is there a limit to money i can donate?

No! But we would like it to be not very large, we would like to have more donors.


How is becoming RobinGood better than volunteering at social organisations?

RobinGood is driven by his own projects and trying to solve smaller problems in his locality. He doesnt have to depend on other organisations to tell him what to do.

Will RobinGood make money on the platform?

Part time RobinGood’s wont be taking away any money for themselves

Can I become part time RobinGood?

Yes, but unless you are willing to commit a certain number of hours a week, part time may not be very effective

If I become full time RobinGood how will I sustain myself?

Full time RobinGood can keep 5% or maximum 20,000 Rs which ever is higher. This will be fully transparent to the donors

Can I start a close ended fund for a specific project?

Not in the 1st phase, maybe later

When I recieve money in my account, will that be treated as my income and thereby taxed?

Don't know yet, WIP to figure out.

Would there be a minimum size for the fund to start?

Yes! For it to have an effect a minimum fund of 5000 INR monthly

Would there be a maximum size of a fund?

Ideally there should be, a very large fund would have logistical and deployment related challenges and may need organisational support. But we will figure this out later.

Is there an Age criteria to becoming a RobinGood?

Yes! 18 and above

Can I open a specific purpose fund? ( for eg. Animal Care fund )

Yes ! you can define the purpose of the fund, it can be general or specific.

How do I exit if I want to?

Just inform the Platform and the Donors with a reasonable notice and you can exit

Do I have to give an account of every penny i deploy?

Yes! Preferably. Trust is one of the cardinal principles of the project. And we will make it easy with our expense manager tool.

I am an NGO, Can I use this platform to raise fund?


I am a religious trust, Can I use this platform to receive donations?


Will there be a cap on total amount of money I can raise for my fund?

Yes! We believe that if the fund becomes too large, it will become difficult to deploy effectively. So there will be a cap.

Can I get money from people other than Friends and Family.

Only if your FnF is unable to contribute the amount your can effectively deploy, then you can tap your Friends friends (the second circle or beyond)

Can I get money from overseas?

Not in the 1st phase, maybe later, depends on approvals from goverment


Whats the core idea?

Core idea is to start a movement where everybody contributes to betterment of society. Disparity is a reality, there have always been halves and have nots, It should become easier for people to help other people with time or money.

What problems will it solve?

Everyday problems of Hunger, education, Medical support..No big programmes..just daily small doses of empathy. Small is Big

How is it different than other crowd funding platforms ?

Crowd funding as the name suggests hopes for strangers to fund ideas or projects. In RobinGood, the primary donor network would be friend and family and its also an ongoing donation programme, not just for a specific project or cause.

How will the platform sustain itself?


Whats the organisation structure of the platform?

Not for Profit Social enterprise, registered as a NGO/Trust/Section 25 company


There will be a trustee board to guide and uphold the vision. There will be an executive council with management responsibilities supported by volunteers / Employees with executive responsibilities

How is it different than other NGO’s?

Our Platform aspires to turn regular do gooders into one man NGO’s

Are there enough Donors?

We believe that everyone is a potential donor. The amount of donation can vary depending on the status of the Donors.

Are there enough RobinGood’s ?

I believe there are, but we need to find out.

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