Weapons of revolutionary war Done By Padmaja Gopalam

Weapons are all play the important part in the revolutionary war. These weapons are the army's main concern. There are different kinds of weapons that provides many advantages as well as disadvantages.

Weapons used by Colonies

  1. Muskets- Muskets were the main weapons used in the revolutionary war, commonly known as the Brown Bess. It is a gun without grooves inside its barrel.
  • Advantages- Muskets could be aimed and fired accurately only at a target that was within one hundred yards. The length of the musket, with the long bayonet, was also designed to be used to defend against horsemen. By forming a rectangle or square with men facing outward with their bayonets, horsemen could not ride among them.
  • Disadvantages- The smooth-bore muskets of the Revolutionary War were not very accurate and could not reliably hit a target beyond 100 yards. It took the average soldier around 15 to 20 seconds to load the musket allowing him to fire 3 to 4 shots a minute.
A Musket

2. Rifles- Rifles were a type of weapon which was called the American long rifle. They were an American design of the 18th century, produced by individual German gunsmiths in Pennsylvania. Many legends surround the American long rifle in the Revolution. It is a shoulder fired weapon with a long barrel.

  • Advantages- Rifle is the long gun made with grooves which is more accurate than using Muskets.It was very accurate up to 300 yards and thus was a powerful weapon in the hands of scouts and skirmishers. The rifle had a longer effective range. Sharpshooting riflemen were used as snipers against the British to great effect.
  • Disadvantages- Rifles was a slow weapon to reload and did not have a bayonet. So, it will take time to load which will opponents some advantage.
A Long rifle

3. Cannons- Cannons were considered the queens of the battlefield. Infantry unsupported by cannon usually lost if the enemy had cannon. American Militia units were known for not standing up against British units with cannon support, since they rarely had any of their own.

  • Advantages- Cannon had a range of several hundred yards. A 3 pounder ranged about 800 yards with solid shot, and 2 hundred yards with grape shot, maximum. At close range, loaded with shot, it could destroy an enemy company. The cannon fired either solid ball, various small shot, or sometimes shells.
  • Disadvantages- Cannons are too heavy to carry from one place to another, which makes it to take some time to launch the weapon. Cannon is for to shoot the people who are too far from the area and not who are near to it. So, it makes it difficult to shoot some near to cannon.
Cannon used in revolutionary war

4. Tomahawks- A tomahawk is type of axe that is native to North America, resembling a hatchet with a straight shaft. The tomahawk was used as a hand-to-hand or a thrown weapon.It is a type of single-handed axe from North America, traditionally resembling a hatchet with a straight shaft.

  • Advantages- Tomahawks are useful in camping and bush-craft scenarios. They are mostly used as an alternative to a hatchet, as they are generally lighter and slimmer than hatchets. . These spikes could be used as tools or weapons and also sharp and powerful. So, Colonies used this as their weapon in their revolutionary war.
  • Disadvantages- Tomahawks are considered to be the small weapon used by the hand. It can kill the people who are nearby the person who is this axe.
A Tomahawk

5. Bayonets-The bayonet was a crucial weapon because of the ineffectiveness and poor accuracy of the muskets. The weapon downfalls were made up by large infantry charges, in which bayonets were fixed on the ends of the guns. This was often worse than getting shot.

  • Advantages- A bayonet was a sharp pointed metal blade around 17 inches long. The bayonet turned the musket into a spear that could be used to charge and gore an enemy. At the end of the musket most soldiers had a bayonet attached. It could be used to kill the enemy with the guns. Both sides charged at one another in a large hand-to-hand conflict, with the bayonet leading the charge.
  • Disadvantages- Bayonets can be used to shot like only one person at the same time and make it time to load the bayonet into the gun again, which makes opponents an advantage.
A Bayonet usually fixed to the guns

Weapons used by British

1. Pattern 1776 Infantry Rifle-The Pattern 1776 Rifle was built by William Grice, and was based on German rifles in use by the British Army during its time. About 1,000 of these were built and used by the British Army. he rifle was given to light companies of regiments in the British Army during the American Revolution.

  • Advantage-The Gun is .62 Calibre with a 30.5 inch barrel which makes it easier to shoot. This weapon was issued to the light company of each regiment in the British Army during the American Revolution; these were probably present at most battles in the conflict. It acts very well in the battles and shoot well.
  • Disadvantage- The Infantry Rifle can take hard time to load and in the battle it will take more time to shoot which make it difficult.
An Infantry Rifle

2. Ferguson rifle- The Ferguson rifle is the first breech-loading rifle to be adopted by the military. One hundred of these, of the two hundred or so made, were issued to a special rifle corps in 1777. It is made by based on old French and Dutch designs of the 1720s and 1730s.

  • Advantage- It had a much faster fire rate than muskets and was one of only a very few rifles that could be reloaded while in the prone position. It had an accurate range of approximately 100 yards with a 3–4 inch inaccuracy.
  • Disadvantage-The gun was difficult and expensive to produce using the small, decentralized gunsmith and subcontractor system in use to supply the Ordnance in early Industrial Revolution Britain. The guns broke down easily in combat, especially in the wood of the stock around the lock mortise. The lock mechanism and breech were larger than the stock could not withstand with rough use.
A Ferguson Rifle

3. Brown Bess Musket- The Brown Bess musket was the gun used by the British military from 1722 until about 1838. It was used throughout the Revolutionary War and the Napoleonic Wars.

  • Advantage-It was capable of firing approximately three to four shots per minute. The Brown Bess Musket was a flint-lock musket, meaning it would use flint in order to spark the gunpowder loaded into the gun to eventually cause the gun to fire easily. It can be accurate to shoot the long distances shots easily.
  • Disadvantage- Brown Bess Musket is very costly to sell and can shoot one person at a time with one shot.
A Brown Bess Musket commonly known as Musket

4. New Land Pattern Cavalry Pistol- The New land Cavalry Pistol provide one model of pistol for all of Britain's cavalry and units such as the Royal Horse Artillery. Initially it started out with a rounded brass butt but this soon gave way to a flat butt with ring. The ring allow the pistol to be attached to the cavalryman's equipment and not be lost in the heat of battle.

  • Advantage- Another new element was the swivel ramrod which greatly improved the process of loading the pistol on horseback. This is a replica made from Cavalry Pistol. The service of British Cavalry regiments, particularly the Light Dragoons, proved essential in the mastery of the Indian Subcontinent.
  • Disadvantage- This pistol can only shoot people who are near the of it and cannot aim not more than far.
A Cavalry Pistol

5. Sabres- A sabre is a heavy cavalry sword with a curved blade and a single cutting edge. It is a Single-edged or double-edged, curved bladed or straight blade, pointed tip. Officers also carried small sabre swords which were light, straight, and slender - often used to direct troops.

  • Advantage- It is ultimately based on a medieval type of single-edged weapon. It can work perfectly as a weapon. Although sabres are typically thought of as curved-bladed slashing weapons, those used by the heavy cavalry of the 17th to 19th centuries often had straight and even double-edged blades more suitable for thrusting.
  • Disadvantage- The sabres are could only used in hand attacks as it is a sword and could not able to kill most people.
Sabres used in revolutionary war

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