What is Urban School Choice Day?

Urban School Choice Day is the day where urban parents, guardians, teachers, and students in Missouri gather at the state capitol to advocate for school choice opportunities in our inner cities where students are all too often left behind due to the lack of quality education options.

What happens at USCD?

Urban School Choice Day will provide busses to help inner city parents, students, and educators from Kansas City and St. Louis get to the state capitol to learn more about school choice, educational options in their area, and advocate for more educational opportunities for our urban kids. The day begins with a rally in the Capitol Rotunda with speakers focused on what school choice is, what legislation pertaining to school choice is moving in the Missouri legislature, and express how school choice has benefited them. After lunch, attendees will tour the capitol and visit with their own local senators and representatives to talk about how access to better education options can help improve Missouri's urban cores.


USCD was created for multiple reasons but the main one being that there is a huge lack of urban representation in the school choice movement. The minority community does not have a seat at the school choice table and it is hurting our chances of impacting change in the legislature. Most black and brown people reside in urban areas where our representatives are the loudest opponents of school choice legislation. Their biggest argument is that their constituents don’t want school choice because the urban community doesn’t advocate for it.

School choice works in other states!

Florida is a perfect example of how school choice can transform lives and improve education across all sectors. Check out this video of how access to a private school was life changing for Denisha Merriweather.

What will Urban School Choice do?

It will give hope to parents that are dissatisfied with their current education options.

It will allow urban parents the chance to be included in the school choice conversation.

It will allow us to leverage the social media power of these parents and kids.

It will create more advocates and have a ripple effect in the urban community.

It will change the optics of the school choice movement. We will no longer be branded as a small group of radical whites that want to take money from the public schools just to build private institutions to further educate white kids. The argument that we are an inclusive group of parents that want the best for our kids will be made for us.

It will allow us the chance to brand what school choice is to the urban community before our opponents thus allowing us to control the narrative and conversation.

School choice is the civil right issue of today!

Tentative agenda for Urban School Choice Day

8:00am-10:30am- Attendees are bused from Kansas City and St. Louis to Jefferson City. A continental breakfast of pastries, fruit, water, and juice is provided. While on the bus, they are engaged in conversations about school choice and learn how to become a statewide advocate.

11:00am-12:30pm-Attendees gather in the rotunda for a rally. At the rally, they will hear from speakers who are in favor of school choice legislation for urban areas.

12:30pm-2:00pm- Attendees enjoy a catered lunch and visit exhibition booths to learn more about private and charter schools in their areas, pro-choice resources, and legislation.

2:00pm-2:30pm- After being broken up into smaller groups, they go off to participate in their various activities.

2:30pm-4:30pm- Attendees participate in their activities where they switch after an hour.

4:30pm-7:00pm- Attendees board buses and head home after an eventful, effective day!

Share how urban school choice can transform communities!

If you are interested in hosting a screening of the major motion picture Miss Virginia, we can help. Just email us and we will provide the movie and help lead a discussion of the impact of school choice in urban cores.


Please feel free to email any questions to Cecilia Johnson.


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