Behind Tarpon Springs Sponge Dock's Main Street STORY AND PHOTOGRAPHY BY ROBERT NEFF

Mar 2, 2017 — My CondoSeniors had an outing to Tarpon Springs. They have been so many times taking friends and family, who always want to hit the touristy spots along the sponge docks. But my CondoSeniors really like and appreciate the side streets , where there is so much to explore. You can find some of the best local bakeries and restaurants that the local Greek population patronizes. The main road along the water is where the sponge docks are located.

We parked at the city parking lot then headed down Dodecanese. But first grabbed a photo and headed down Dodecanese Blvd for Athens Street.

As you walk the area, look for bicycles decorated with flowers. This is how one artist turned bicycles into art.

We turned to walk up Athens Street, heading for Halki Market. This is a great place to shop for Greek food.

Today's pre-lunch dessert event for my CondoSeniors was held at National Bakery, which is past Halki Market on Cross Street. You know National Bakery is the place to be when you see the local Greek population sitting outside the store.

One of my CondoSeniors is Greek and National Bakery is where she shops. We have no idea what she is saying. Later she taught us some slang. We are trying to remember if we heard any of it here?

I started with the middle tray. Not sure if I should go up first or down?
I will take a tray of each!

Kataifi is one of my favorite Greek desserts. It's made with chopped walnuts, ground clove and cinnamon, wrapped in buttered cripsy kataifi dough and brushed with lemon scented syrup.

While the restaurants on the main street, Dodecanese Blvd, are excellent. we like to stick to the side streets. When we have friends visit, they want to experience Dodecanese Blvd. Mama's Greek Cuisine is on the corner of Cross and Athens Street.

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Never doubt that my CondoSeniors know where the best drink specials are!


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The Sponge Exchange is small outdoor mall. Mama's has an entrance into the Sponge Exchange.

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My CondoSeniors know Jelly Belly. made a pilgrimage to the factor in Napa Valley. I know know why Very Cherry and Buttered Popcorn are side-by-side, Very Cherry is #1 seller. Buttered Popcorn is #2.

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Yes, my CondoSeniors can do some Jelly Belly damage.

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The Sponge Exchange has a wide assortment of sponges.

The Sponge Exchange's main entrance is on Dodecanese Blvd, along the Sponge Docks. We continued our casual stroll, and they stopped at every shop, while I went across the street and walked the Sponge Docks.

The memorial to the sponge divers.

The late afternoon weather turned from blue to dark cloudy skies. Fortunately the front passed to the north and we had no rain.

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The fishing charter is about to return. People gather not for the charter and friends but to... 

Watch the pelicans do #PelicanYoga!

One pelican said to the other, "Those silly humans think we are here for the fish when we are really here for #PelicanYoga class." The other replied, "Good thing we arrived early to get the first class and best spot on the rope."

The instructor has arrived.

A special pole was added to provide a better view of the instructor. Before the pole, the mangrove blocked the view and the instructor was getting scraped by the mangrove's leaves and branches,. The one scar is very visible. Now the instructor has plenty of space and can offer more PelicanYoga positions.

PelicanYoga advanced classes are popular. The "Rope Class" always has a wading list. Class size is limited to the number of pelicans that can balance on the rope. Some pelicans wait hours for the next class. The flap is, it's worth the wait!

Humans throw fish and disrupt the class. While this is illegal, the authorities need evidence. But there is never any evidence. No pelican is willing to come forward to file a complaint. Even when confronted with a photo of the one on the right swallowing a fish, the pelican claims it's a new pose.

The top male instructor at Tarpon Springs says, "Be sure to read the draft story on how PelicanYoga was started. The story has had over 3,200 views in a month with no advertising! This is an online book, so may take a while to download. The story was published by the Pelican Beakon, our pelican newspaper, and written by the Pelican Beakon's staff photographer., who has fat fingers."

Photos were taken with Nikon 810 and iphone6 plus.

Enjoy more stories and images of what I get to enjoy everyday!

Purchase Robert Neff's Photography online at Saatachi Art, Adobe Stock Photography and Fotolia. If you see a photograph that is not there, let me know. I can add the image.

Venice, Italy. 2007

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