Welcome To Early American Culture By: Alacia Cavallo

During my time in america in the 1800s I was free and I loved it. I liked having pride in this country. I was not afraid to do things. I loved not having to fight all the time with others it was a very peaceful time period. Being an American promoted national unity, we became one, we worked and helped fight against Britain. It was good to come together, we worked great together. Music was beautiful and the art was too.
American art was beautiful I really enjoyed it. They would show the true beauty of america. From the land to the animals to even who was important. There would be portraits of people but mostly if they were important. There were different artists that did different things. But somehow they all ended up relating to america. (History Alive)"The birds of America made him the country's first internationally famous artist."(pg248)
Music in the 1800s was mostly heard in churches. But soon after there was a song called "The Star-Spangled Banner." (pg249) Which soon became the national anthem to represent our country. Some Americans relaxed with folk songs and fiddle tunes. While others listened to classical orchestras and performed formal dances. When they had free time they would dance to the music and sing along. That how they would have fun on their free time.
Literature was they would tell you a story in there own way. Sometimes they would talk as the third person. The would describe frontier life. Or have enchanted stories. But like art they all somehow related to America. Many people enjoyed these stories, but little some knew they would still be good till this day. "Rip van Winkle." "The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow."(pg250)
James Monroe was the last president to fight in the American Revolution. A lot of things would go through the newspaper. But new didn't spread fast sometimes there would be news about war but some places would not get that news until the war was happening. Court confirmed Congress's authority to make a National bank. "This Strengthened the Federal government's position."(pg246) The Court further reduced state powers.
Native Americans would not have called this "The Era of Good Feelings." They would not called it this because Americans were pushing them out of there land. They would have to keep moving every single time someone would come and take their land. "They kept moving west." They would not stop taking land. The women back in that time could have not liked it too, they didn't have as much rights as others. Slaves had it tough too, "They would not have wife, children and no rights." (pg376)

So what its like to be an american in the 1800s was peaceful many people enjoined it. The music was beautiful we got are country anthem. The art showed how proud they were of our country. Politics was about who was president and the wars that was happening. Literature tolled stories that described their life. So i decided to have this photo because it shows what some women wore back then mostly rich people wore this or people who had lots of money and could afford good clothes.

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