Worsbrough common primary Home Learning Week 3

Welcome to week 3 of home learning. It has now been 5 weeks since we started this journey together and what an incredible journey it has been.

I’ve spent some time reflecting on the vision we set right back in September.

Respectful. Responsible. Resilient.

I can see from the things you have been doing at home how this vision is now engrained in you! Resilience is a hard skill to demonstrate initially and especially independently however I have seen and heard about so many examples of where you (parents and children) are having to show resilience! I would love you to use this word to power the week moving forward and send us photographs or snippets to show examples of where resilience has been used.

This week saw Rhubarb, myself and Mr Howell spend 6.5 hours walking around Worsbrough, Kendry and Ward Green. We loved seeing you all from a distance and delivering chocolate treats! Thank you to everyone who came out into gardens to see us. If we didn’t get to you this time there are plans for further visits so I I’ll keep you up to date. We clocked up 17000 steps totalling 9 miles and Mr Howell was in need of some after sun on our return to school.

We send our thoughts to a very special family at this time xx You know who you are.

Home learning expectations

After staff have spoken to most families over the last few weeks we thought it would be useful to recap our home learning expectations.

We’ve heard a lot of parents and carers explaining that they aren’t teachers! We absolutely back you on this and so it’s OK not to be doing ‘school work’ for the full six hours a day. However please do encourage them to do the home learning set by our teachers. Each day a number of resources are uploaded onto Seesaw, Twitter and the blog. This activities have been planned to meet the children’s needs and it isn’t a pick and choose option, all of the activities should be completed. These tasks are a review of previous learning so if your child says “I can’t do it” please encourage them to give it a good go. Teachers are marking work and are available to contact through see saw if there are any issues. These activities can be spread throughout the day or done in one bulk which shouldn’t take long. It is important to be spending time together, building relationships, enjoying shared activities and reassuring children, as opposed to replicating the school timetable.

Help children stay connected to their friends – Friendships are a key resiliency factor for children and young people. Most children see their friends nearly every day of the week and so not being in contact with them for some time might be upsetting. Is it possible for children to talk to their friends on the phone? Perhaps establish a group Skype or WhatsApp call? Perhaps they could write letters to each other.

Supervise children with screens – It is likely that children and young people will be using screens more often over the coming weeks e.g. phones, tablets, gaming consoles and the internet and this is OK. If this is the case make sure they are supervised. Ensure appropriate content filters are active – the UK Safer Internet Centre offers guidance on setting up parental control. Try to ensure all children have a balanced range of activities each day. Involve children and young people in these discussions so that they feel part of the plan.

Play – Play is fundamental to children’s wellbeing and development – children of all ages! It’s also a great way to reduce stress in adults. Activities such as cooking together , sewing , gardening , painting , junk modelling can help build positive relationships between you and your child whilst developing resilience,independence and life long learning skills .

The children who have been accessing school have been keeping busy. One of their jobs has included starting on brightening up the drive! That cat resembles our HCAT family and the rainbow 🌈 shows our positivity and hope! We hope you like it. We would like to decorate the fence with rainbows. If you could make us a rainbow and send it to us in the post we will laminate it and get it put up!

Worsbrough Common Primary School

Bruce Ave


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Bake with us!

On Thursday we will be streaming a bake with me session where you can join Mrs Harris and Mrs Paddock baking some raspberry scones! The recipe is above if you have problem getting any of the ingredients please let us know!



Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Model making

We love how creative you all are so why not have a go at something like this, with help from Mel!

Art Club

Colour theory is a practical combination of art and science that’s used to determine what colors look good together. The colour wheel was invented in 1666 by Isaac Newton, who mapped the colour spectrum onto a circle.The colour wheel is the basis of colour theory, because it shows the relationship between colours.

Don’t forget there is a weekly prize for art club entries!


Created with images by DreamyArt - "wild flowers flowers plant" • Tanalee Youngblood - "Lily"