PSA Essay Ingredients Of Writing By Emma Shockey

Hello! Today I'm here to teach you about The Ingredients Of Writing- okay, I'll drop the act. I know that you (probably) already know about them, but don't use them. Like Voice! I've been using it this whole time! Has it been entertaining? Of course it has!

Next up is...Word Choice! Like a cover of a book. Most writers use common word choice, words that the readers know. And that's all nice and dandy, but do we have to use that kind of word choice? No! We could use top-of-the-line words! Words even we don't know! Wait- actually, don't do that. That's bad. Don't take my advice on this one.

Then there is…Sentence Fluency. Sentence Fluency is like the pages of a book. Now, don't we need something to keep all the words connected? To make our stories make sense? Of course we do. Life wouldn't make sense otherwise. And life not making sense is bad, berry bad.

Then there's Ideas. Ideas are the creator of creation. They're like the words in a book. don't know...of the…I don't know! Ideas are our creation! They're our plots! Our characters! Our...settings? Mm…that didn't work…

After that is Organization, what keeps your book together. Like the crust of a pizza! Like the binding of a book! Like the paper when creating art! got anything else? Anyone? ...Nope...okay, then.

Next is...ugh...Conventions, spelling. It's...grammar. And...spelling mistakes. And character development! And punctuation! And...capitalization!

Last, but not least, is Presentation. Like your style of writing. How you show off your creation. How you balance your space. Along with your graphics. Ooh! Don't forget your neatness!


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