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Analyzing texts consist of knowing what message there is to portray for others to learn from. In the short story a teenage boy tries to find himself within the type of lifestyle he chose for himself, which impacted him and can have a positive impact on others as well. The print advertisement expresses that any one gender can “ Create your own YOU”, meaning that they can create something out of themselves for themselves whether it be through fashion or through any other alternative but the style they choose for themselves is their very own. With the review i shows how much of an impact one’s opinion can have and whether it can go the positive way or negative way. The magazine shows a similar thing where it shows readers that the way that one is in these magazines is the way they should be which can hurt one but it also shows new trends and new things in the market. All these different genres contribute to having teens create their own beauty within the type of style they choose to approach for themselves.

In the short story, the appropriate audience are those who have gone through similar or that are into the things that the story is about. It’s of teens trying to find themselves, nothing is more healing than hearing it from another teen. The audience looks for answers and similar experiences to be able to relate to. It reflects them and guides them to how they should change to benefit themselves. This genre was very simple for the fact that it didn't really have to be much of a complicated things since it's just a story of someone going through what they go through.

The print advertisement as well attracts the attention of teens but not only one or the other but both male and female.It’s a form of having it appeal to the eye , eye openers for many teens to show that it’s not just the struggle of females but males as well and there is no shame in that. The expectations of the audience, in this case, the teens are to have others and themselves realize that the world is aware , and they don’t have to hide behind the wall anymore. The style for this genre is mostly just having the drawing appeal the eye of the interested.

The third genre, the review, gives a broad look at opinions to a certain customer, or product. The intended audience for this are those that are looking to considering the product or place but want to see how accurate it is, so it gives an overview of how good or bad it is through the reviews. Within this the vocabulary is very important because the choice of words determines whether another person will want to consider giving something a try or not. For example between saying the jacket is nice versus the jacket is stylish, stylish is a better form of describing the jacket.

The Magazine attracts the similar audience to print advertisement, although it can attract females more than males because magazines usually show dresses and more female fashion trends. So many girls see these females and expect to be just like them they want to meet those exceptions for themselves. This is how they become accommodated to the newest trends. Although it can also encourage them to bring out their own inner self. The style of this requires large, small, colorful words that bring attention.

With these different genres I discovered as a reader that If I really put my strength to it, I can achieve to understand a text. Different genres show different messages and present it it’s own way. This can support my reading and writing in the future to understand different texts their own way to achieve its message. Although some require more analyzing than others but they all have a distinct message.

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The life changing syle

A teenage boy tries to find himself through the way he expresses his views on how he decides to take his personal image. He now knows and feels very comfortable with himself through any circumstance now. Taking the way he dresses to the way he communicates better with others hows how much of an impact this had on him. This boy was about 15 years old and had been struggling with going out and showing himself to the world but after the style he chose for himself it changed him. He became more positive and outgoing. Not only in the sense of dressing but in the sense of his character but this style helped him out with it. He became so inspired that he created his own brand for others that might have been going through what he did or if they just love dressing and showing off their favorite thing to do.

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