James Nachtwey-War By:Nate mcclure

9-11 Southern Tower Collapse

James Nachtwey was born on March 14 1948. He is still alive in Syracuse New York.

Famine Victim in a feeding center

James Nachtwey specializes in war photos.

Orphanage for "incurables"

He does not have a specific technique in making his photographs. He likes to only make his viewers aware of the horrors that go on in the world.

Truck hijacked during hunger strike.

He works with the Time Magazine since 1984

Mourning a loss of a brother

He mostly uses Canon handheld cameras and a wide lens.

Aids affliction

He does not use a primary source of lighting and mostly takes his photos in Black and White

Ethnic cleansing in Mostar

He was not inspired by someone in order to start photographing. Although he was in the army.

Heroin recovery center

Some interesting facts about my photographer was that he was present during the 9-11 attack, injured during a grenade attack on his convoy in Baghdad, and he has been awarded the Overseas Press Club's Robert Capa Gold Medal five times and two World Press Photo awards.

Untouchables working in a brick factory.

I am impressed at his ability to take the photos of wars and very sensitive subjects and chose him due to the interesting subject of his work.

Suharto's resignation.

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