Play Pretty Whatever happend to buddy prima

Buddy, Leon Prima JR was a Las Vegas star just as the other famous Prima's, his father Leon SR and uncle Louis.

During the late 1800s until the early 1920s this property along the with the adjoining 227 Bourbon Street was used by the Chas W. Stumpf Piano Co. LTD. Charles Stumpf was a cornet player and band leader in New Orleans. The musical legacy continured into the 1930s when Leon Prima (1907--1985) operated the Shim Sham Club here. A September, 1935 advertisement for the Shim Sham Club

Leon Prima was a trained pianist who became a trumpet player and band leader. As a young man Leon played with early jazz greats Leon Roppolo, Ray Bauduc, Jack Teagarden in New Orleans as well as with Peck Kelley's Bad Boys in Texas. He led the Melody Masters in New Orleans during the late 1920s. From 1940--1946, Leon played with Louis' big band in New York. After returning to New Orleans, Leon headed his own combo until retiring from music in 1955. He also operated the 500 Club (441 Bourbon Street) whose house band was led by Sam Butera until 1954 when Butera joined Louis' band in Las Vegas. Pictured is the Prima-Skarkey Orchestra in 1930 at the at the Little Club in New Orleans -- Front row: Charlie Hartmann (trombone), Sharkey Bonano (trumpet), Leon Prima (trumpet), Irving "Fazzola" Prestnoptik (clarinet and sax), Dave Winstein (sax and clarinet), Nina Picone (sax); back row: Augie Schellang (drums), Louie Mass.,1713

During the 1990s Ian Hardcastle, sole owner and shareholder of Bourbon Street Gospel and Blues, inc. and 227 Bourbon Street, Inc., owned the property from 227 through 235 Bourbon Street and sublet it for use as a jazz club. By the turn of the century, Bourbon Street Entertainmen operated Utopia music club at this location where lighted trees and fountatins grace the large courtyard. The company also owned the Jazz Parlor (125 Bourbon Street), the Ragin' Rooster (228 Bourbon Street), and partially owned Howl at the Moon (135 Bourbon).

The building at 229 Bourbon Street later housed the Boogie Woogie, Club Utopia and Rhythms music clubs.

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