Move It! ELL Strategy Presentation by Ellie Jameson

Move It! Is all about moving your body to a lesson. The goal is to apply movement to a certain concept taught in school. By applying movement, students will have something to associate that concept with. Body movements are sometimes easier to remember than words or pictures.

When movement is added to a lesson, neural pathways are activated and they generate better blood flow to the brain, which sparks interest and learning.

This strategy appeals to everyone, but it is especially helpful for ELL learners as well as kinesthetic learners.

Using this strategy, ELL students can express themselves AND LEARN without actually talking. Some talking might go with the motions, but the most important part are the motions themselves.

Let's get up and move!!
This strategy can be used in any subject. Language arts (strike a pose from your favorite part of the story), Science (show me the parts of the water cycle with your body), social studies (act out the causes of the american revolution)

This strategy is great for student/teacher interaction during school. Move It! Can be as simple as a thumbs up or thumbs down during a lesson. By monitoring student’s movements in an informal way, teachers can assess how well students understand concepts rather than only assessing how they do on pencil and paper.

Can be used in the beginning of a lesson to build knowledge, clarify during lesson, or review concepts at the end Materials needed: Just your body!
WIth younger grades, teachers can start off with simple movements, older grades can move up to more complex movements

The research: According to Harvard Medical School's Professor John Ratey, in a 2008 Education Week article, physical exercise "puts the brain of the learners in the optimal position for them to learn."

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