Martial Arts and ADHD How enrolling your child in our program can help

What is ADD/ADHD?

ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) is characterized by the inability for one’s brain to focus and perform at a comparable level with others cognitive and functioning capability. This may cause issues with fear, anxiety, and memory. ADD is commonly coupled with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder), which includes the above with hyperactivity, impulsiveness and difficulty with containing one’s energy levels.

How could practicing Martial Arts benefit your child?

High-energy environment

If your child has ADD/ADHD, it is more than likely that they would enjoy an environment that is more aligned with their pace. In the Martial Arts environment, your child will kicking, punching, and conditioning while exerting themselves to their full energy potential!

Helps to Efficiently Channel Their Energy

Martial Arts is not just a healthy physical workout, it also serves as an outlet for your child to channel their energy to perform specific tasks! Your child will learn to channel their energy while also practicing self-control!

Provides Structure

Structure is beneficial to both adults and children. In fact, without some basic structure most individuals would be unable to function. This is also true for children with ADD/ADHD. While practicing Martial Arts your child will be active in the structured programs and regulations of their class. For example, classes take place at a certain time on a certain day, thus creating a sense of structure in their schedule.

Provides Stability

The Martial Arts environment has a strong sense of stability. Not only do they work towards physical stability, they work towards mental stability as well. Your child will be provided with the tools to perform in both areas and instructed by individuals who will provide a firm but caring hand!

Repetitive and Structured Movements

While taking classes in Martial Arts, your child will learn specific stances, poses, and moves in a repetitive fashion.This will help to reinforce the child’s working memory and assist in the child’s recall, in turn building memorization skills and improving their memories as a whole. This is extremely beneficial because this could be a starting point that will lead towards memorization and learning in school and other important areas of life that may need more development due to their ADD/ADHD.

Helps Child to Focus

As previously mentioned, Martial Arts workouts include your mind! Your child will learn how to better understand how their mind’s and bodies work together. With the combination of understanding coupled with structure and repetition your child will improve their focusing skills,while the instructor will enforce a “ready stance” to bring the child’s mind back to the class!

Provides child with socialization and group belonging

In some cases, ADD/ADHD may affect a child’s social skills due to their anxieties or energy levels. When attending Martial Arts classes your child will also be attending a social environment.Other students generally attend the classes; which leads to interactions,cooperation, and relationship maintenance. Your child will learn the importance of relationships and how to communicate effectively with others. The group cohesion will strengthen throughout the students’ time together in the classes,providing your child with necessary socialization tools.

Helps child to work towards goals

Goals are an important part of every individual’s life. With a child who has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD setting and working towards a goal may prove to be a difficult task. With Martial Arts your child will actively set goals, such as ascending all the way to a black belt or perfecting their kicks, with the instruction and support from your peers to reach their goals.

Provides support and shared ideals

Children who have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD can benefit significantly from the support and shared ideals of their classmates. When they’re working together with others, it helps to improve their self-esteem and image and feel supported and apart of the entire group.In turn, they will also learn how to support others and appreciate the ideals that are shared with others.

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