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Hi there! I am making this page to tell you a story. It is a story behind the making of a web-series. Have a look first.
Once upon a time, A girl who just came to LA, dreamed to make her own web-series. She had an idea, but she had 0 experience, 0 budget and 0 network. So she gathered her best friends, self-taught to write the original script together.

After that....

She went crazy, to school events, clubs, parties, Tinder (oops!), asking filmmakers if they were interested in the story. her passion influenced many filmmakers. In less than a month, she got a team of 20 people helping her out! For free!
The onsite shooting took 20 hours...
And the post production took 60 hours...
in less than two months, She hold a premiere for her first original web-series. Her dream came true!
I want to tell you the story because the girl behind the screen is not just a dreamer, but a maker who goes crazy to turn dreams into realities. She can do anything, cause she dreams bigger, learns faster and works harder than anyone.

oh yeah, this is me.

Created By
Shiyu Wang

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