L. Dodson Art 1 Portfolio

Sketch or Progress Photo

1) Post the Assignment for the cards and a photo of the sketches of your cards (list of card prompts like Line & Rhythm, Shape & Movement.Examples of ways to combine Elements and Principles

  • Card 1: Line & Rhythm
  • Card 2: Shape & Movement
  • Card 3: Form & Proportion
  • Card 4: Color & Unity
  • Card 5: Space & Balance
  • Card 6: Texture & Repetition
  • Card 7: Value & Pattern
  • Card 8: Variety
  • Card 9: Emphasis

Progress Photo

2) Write what you learned as you explored the Elements of Art and Principles of design cards. Use as many vocabulary words as possible. Write what you found most challenging about mono printing.

I have learned many things from the elements of art and principles of design. I learned that line is a mark that spans the distance between two points, A shape is a two-dimensional object, Form is a three-dimensional work of art, and I learned that texture is both physical and visual. What I found most challenging about mono printing is when you try to put the painting on the card the paint smears.

3) Post a completed card. Write about your favorite card that you created and what you learned about the Element of art/Principle of design it represents. Use as many vocabulary words as possible.

My favorite card that I completed was the Texture and Repetition card. It was my favorite card because it was cool using an everyday item to make a really cool card. I learned that texture is both physical and visual and is usually the surface of artwork. I also learned that repetition is how much a shape or object is repeated

Completed Photo



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