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SeeSaw tools are a bit different. They stand out as they're very easy to use in the field and are built for the most basic of settings, so barriers to gathering information are thus very low.

By customising our tools to your use case, you're able to run your operations more effectively - whether you're seeking to improve oversight, increase accountability or streamline your processes and systems. We're here to help!...

So let's take a look at one such tool, 'SeeTell'...

SeeTell is a smart reporting system that allows reporters to use basic or smartphones to make a 'missed call'. By placing a missed call to predetermined phone numbers, reporters can relay information at no cost, in real-time, and from remote locations.

SeeTell - A 'missed call' system

As SeeTell is a system based on 'missed calls', it is a tool that can be used on any type of cellphone, is free for users, and is as simple and as quick as dialling a few digits. Reporters make a 'missed call' to a number saved in their phone that signals the information they wish to report.

The SeeTell system registers incoming missed calls and, based on factors such as the caller number, the destination number, and the timing, frequency and/or order of the numbers called, assigns meaning to the report.

SeeTell sheets guide reporters through the process, are translated into their local language and contain easy to understand pictures and icons:

After reporting via SeeTell, the reporter receives a confirmation message back to thank them for their reports. If, for some reason, they forget to report, they will receive a prompt reminding them that reports are outstanding.

The simplicity of the SeeTell system has huge advantages over other means of collecting and collating information:

1. SeeTell can be used after a few minutes of training and requires next-to-no literacy. It is quite accessible by the old, young, disabled and those otherwise ‘technologically-disadvantaged’

2. Because it can be used with even the most basic phones, the SeeTell system allows for reliable data collection from remote or under-developed areas

3. SeeTell can be put into any language, including pictograms, by quick modification of the number sheets

So once a reporter submits their SeeTell reports, what happens next?

Providing simple yet powerful oversight of the local reality

A big problem for managers is knowing which information is reliable. As SeeSaw tools are so easy to use, we're able to gather the same information from different people. This allows us to cross-reference one reporter with another - making the whole system more reliable.

SeeSaw works with you to make sure there are many reporters out there reporting, which of course, needs managing and coordinating. We're used to dealing with this, so we leverage other's powerful data-management tools and partner with you to make sure you stay on top of everything!

How does all of the information gathered come together?

SeeSaw collates the information from the field - whether from individual households and facilities or from aggregated reports at commune-level - and puts these on a map, helping you to spot patterns or anomalies:

In the same way that this map shows the location and status of fixed waterpoints across Ghana, it can be used to map the location and status of sites within any project...

We also use powerful third-party tools - such as Airtable or Trello - to assist you in giving you a quick overview of status, progress and actions required:

...and in the same way that this board shows the status of fixed waterpoints, it can be used to reflect status and/or progress at different locations

Of course, you can also receive summaries and alerts via email or SMS, or feed the information into other systems your team is already using.

For more information about SeeSaw, our tools, and how they can apply to your project, email us at info@greenseesaw.com


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