The Natural Universe The evolution of natural & clean label, and the impact on our world.

Author's Corner

Welcome to Givaudan's Natural Universe Monthly Insider! We are delighted to take this Naturals journey with you and provide you with some additional insight for navigating this complex universe. But first, we want to introduce you to us, your Naturals copilots, and to give you the low-down of what to expect throughout 2017.

So what is our "Natural Universe Monthly Insider" all about? Well, it's going to be a monthly release that will contain 3 primary sections - the Author's Corner which is our perspective on a selected topic (supported with Givaudan primary research), followed by Industry Facts gathered from reputable sources, and lastly some of Givaudan's Social Media insights (this will be one of a kind!).

Why did we select "Natural Universe" as the title? Quite simply, it's because it feels so large that we thought the word universe was a great descriptor for this vast terrain that we are all trying to navigate. Our goal is to help take this overwhelming content, simplify it, and provide you with some thoughtful guidance that can be applied to your brands. Since there is no formal definition of clean label, we want to take a stance with you to define what it means for your consumers and their products.

How do consumers define Natural? What do consumers think about clean label? How does clean label impact purchase behavior? We'll tackle these questions and more; no program would be complete without some good old myth-busting (Kasey's personal favorite).

The Naturals Universe Monthly Insider will provide:

  • Continual dialogue and education about clean label
  • Reference for product launches, stories, and positioning
  • Information sharing and data points

You'll find data you can extract and use directly, our analysis of topics that you can reference and come back with more questions if needed, and simple translations of small, bite-size topics that will help us all track, adjust, and flex with this fluid topic. Consumers are constantly changing. Let's figure out the best way to respond and most importantly, let's see if we partner together to get ahead of the trends!

Industry Facts

Certainly Givaudan is not the only company researching natural and clean label, and while we highly value secondary research, it can be really cumbersome to go through, analyze, and figure out how to apply all of the charts, blogs, powerpoints, and so on. As the industry experts on natural flavors, we want to share not just data, but our interpretation of that data combined with our consumer and market insights. Based on what theme we select for each month, we'll arm you with some additional research that will be interpreted and analyzed by that month's author. Feel free to use this as a reference, or ask us for more input as you dissect the information we share with you in this section.

Source: [1] Canadean's global survey, Q4 2015. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Social Media Corner

Clean Label Universe – After much debate and discussion, we decided that social media was the best place to start to provide us with a qualitative look at what's going on with consumers in this space with some qualitative research. We researched to select our focus categories and targeted "listening lists" to begin to understand this space, outside of our own preconceived notions. The research we will share with you will start with a 12 month historical look, and then we will continue to listen "forward" for the next 12 months to continue to monitor this space to see how it changes and what continues to be a hot topic.

After we become grounded in this complex universe and dive deeper into some select pillars, we will then take that knowledge to drive us down a path that we are not sure of yet! That is the best part- we are anticipating that this path will include some quantitative research (and even some additional qualitative), we are going to be flexible and change as this universe changes to keep up with these ever-changing consumers.

Our hope and vision is that we can share some unique, primary insights with you that come directly from the consumer, that you can apply to your brands and products. This unique research will allow Givaudan to stand out from our competitors in this space and give our customers more reason to believe what we are telling them.

In the mean time, the video below is one view of extractives that is quite popular in the social media space.

A few introductions

Kasey Reed-Long, Product Manager

First up - my name is Kasey Reed-Long, and I am a Product Manager...of a little bit of everything :) I work on everything in Naturals, TasteSolutions® Sweet, Tea, Coffee, Beer (my favorite), and I am sure sure I am forgetting something! I am goofy and love to add humor into my story telling (so get ready for some funny memes and videos!). I have 2 beautiful children, I love reading but never have the time because of said beautiful children, and I am a terrible cook! However, I am much better at my job, so you can have plenty of confidence in that at least. Anyway, our naturals exploration has been taxing on my brain cells, but I really, truly believe we have some exciting data and insights to share with you to help with the positioning and story-telling for your brands. Now let me pass the baton to my partner-in-crime for you to meet next and then an introduction of the most important member of our team.

John Rathje, Category Manager - Foods

Hi all. I'm John Rathje and I'm a Category Manager on the Foods team. I work with some of our biggest customers in the Savory and Snacks markets to build strategies, analyze the marketplace with our various CU, Sensory and secondary resources, market our promotions and present trends and innovative concepts. I come to this Naturals Universe project with the same goal as many of you and of our customers: to get a better grip on what the heck is going on in our industry. Clean label is not a fad - it is a revolution. Consumers don't just want processed food to taste like it was made in a restaurant, they want the ingredient statement to read like it too and for the nutritionals to be even healthier! All in a convenient format and at a low price point, of course.

So what does this mean for Givaudan and for our customers? What are people saying, and are their actions matching their words? Well, before coming to Givaudan I was a salesman (in many ways I still am...). I know what it's like to be asked questions like this and to desperately want to have answers that ease customers' minds. That's our goal, to shed light on the evolution of processed foods and beverages and give guidance on consumer needs of today and what they'll be going forward. We'll arm you with stories, facts and insights that you can play back, and in doing so you'll be promoting our partnership as the way for the future. Now I'll turn it over to the most important member of the team, the one enabling us to bring this data to you, Kim Duncan.

Well, I'm not sure I'm the most important in this team, pretty sure we are all equally important, but if that's what Kasey and John think, then who am I to disagree? :) As you heard, I'm Kim Duncan, Consumer Insights Manager for North America. In my role, I support NOAM Beverage Marketing to help them with all of their questions around Consumer. We do everything from simple to complex online surveys to focus groups to exploring Social Media...and if there's a question that one of these methods can't answer, we'll find a way to get that answer! Our goal is to provide our customers with a different view on consumers, focusing mostly on how it relates to flavor of course but also providing some new insights on their category and the beverage space. I've been at Givaudan for 7 years and love the challenges I get asked to solve- one of the most recent being around naturals. The adventure is just getting started with trying to delve into the minds of the consumer and figure out just what they think around this space. Some of the questions we want to answer- do they really know as much as we give them credit for? do they really care? what is important to consumers in this space? Our goal is to try to help our customers figure out what's important to customers- finding info to debunk or confirm certain beliefs and provide a new perspective about consumers and naturals.

Coming in January 2017

Directional Quantitative Results for Kitchen Ingredients™ extractives! John Rathje will lead the charge in 2017 and share with you some insights we have gathered from consumer research for our Kitchen Ingredients™ extractives program. There will be so much to go through and analyze, but we'll have plenty to share with you in January to kick the year off right! Enjoy the holiday season!

Kasey Reed-Long (

John Rathje (

Stay tuned

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