Pride and the Patriarchy A story of resilience in the face of sexual assault

How does it feel to be silenced?
Is it pain or is it fear that keeps us speechless?

Maybe it isn't individual pain or fear at all. Maybe it's something greater.

Maybe it's the way society keeps women captive, held in their role as the lesser of the powers.
Maybe it's the way women's bodies are violently objectified, again and again.
Maybe it's the way society teaches women to protect themselves instead of teaching men not to commit these assaults.

If these are the ways in which we are silenced, how must we fight back?

It starts when we speak up.
At the Copacabana Beach, we fight with shocking resistance.
In our campuses, we refuse to stand down.
At Columbia University, we stand with survivors that will never be silenced.
In our works, we resist to have our stories unheard of and our bodies overwritten.
We will fight until our bodies are no longer objects to behold and structures to be judged.

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