Mindfulness Reflection By Ashley Warner

So here we are at the end of our four week mindfulness journey. The time went so fast that I feel as though we were no sooner saying our hellos until it was time to say our goodbyes. But as is the case with all treks in life, the lessons learned along the walk will carry us when we must voyage alone. I leave you with this advice:

Slow down and enjoy life

You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day, unless you're too busy. Then you should sit for an hour. -Zen saying

Remember to take a deep breath

The average person breathes in the equivalent of 13 pints of air every minute (Lung Institute, LLC). That's a lot of capacity for mindful moments.

Cultivate compassion

We live with an egocentric philosophy in the Western Hemisphere of the world. Success and notoriety is so important to so many people, and often times we forget that it's not just about us. Research is suggesting that feeling connected to others is as learnable as any other skill, and compassion is something that can be cultivated in our lives (mindful.org).

“Love is a fruit in season at all times and within reach of every hand.” -Saint Theresa
Life is available only in the present. That is why we should walk in such a way that every step can bring us to the here and the now. -Thich Nhat Hahn

Remember that mindfulness is not a chore

Make mindfulness a part of your daily routine, like brushing your teeth, going to the gym, or taking a shower. The moment you add it to your checklist of things you should do, it will feel less like something you need to do.

[Mindfulness] is not a doing; it's a being. And being doesn't take any time. -Jon Kabatt-Zinn

Share mindfulness

Understand that we are a privileged few who discover the path to mindfulness. There are many who need its stillness, its enlightenment, its truth. Go forth and share what you have learned so that others, too, can find the way.

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. -James Keller


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