A House Away from Home DORMS LIKE PALACES

One of the most UNIQUE & GREAT things about Smith is that HOUSES replace typical college dorms. The 35 houses at SMITH are the stuff of legend — routinely praised by The Princeton Review, accommodations vary widely, and first-year students could have anywhere from 10 to 100 housemates.
“Scales for me is my home away from home. I love how my house community & some of my closest friends are my next door neighbors.” -Junior Nikkiah

Business insider included Smith in their list of 11 college dorms with awesome amenities

Town & Country has ranked Smith one of the top 20 dorms in the country!!

“After a day of classes, homework & practice I loved walking back to my house because it really was my home away from home, with all my best friends only a few doors away. The big sib-litte sib relationships within the house are awesome & extremely helpful as an underclassman trying to navigate all of what is Smith College” - Freshmen LJ
Some of the houses throughout campus!!!
“I believe the housing system at Smith is truly one of the best college housing systems in the country! As a junior I have enjoyed the luxury of not only having not a single, but also an amazing house community. Each house at Smith has its own unique atmosphere and traditions. I live in Wilson House, located in the Quad, and almost every day some sort of community-building activity is happening. Whether it is watching the premiere of TV shows in the living room, eating dinner together, or getting house brunch together on Mountain day—there’s always some kind of cool house bonding activities happening!" - Junior Emma Seymour
Friedman is on campus apartments that were recently redone. Each apartment has a living room, full kitchen, 2 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms.
A single room in one of the houses
Housing at SMITH...another great reason to visit us!!!!

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