Walkway of Terror! Gruesome Halloween at Home

Hallowe'en is one of my favorite times of year. In fact, I'd say - for me - Hallowe'en is as big a deal as Christmas. Each year for the past 20 (Wow - TWENTY!!) I've set up some sort of Hallowe'en display.

A ghoulish gathering of jack-o-lanterns greets brave trick-or-treaters

It started off pretty modest, but it's grown. Mine is by no means the fanciest or creepiest of displays, but I enjoy setting it up.

I'm proud to say that almost every year, at least one kid is too scared to come up the walkway

Here are shots of this year's display, the Walkway of Terror, as it was being created. I didn't have much time this year; I've been travelling for work so I really only had Friday and part of Saturday to pull it together.

Hungry for more
Often, more than 1 or 2 kids simply refuse to walk the pathway to get their treats. That's my indication of a job well done.
Heads up...
Open wide...
March of the dead
Several horrifying vignettes from the Walkway. Most of the heavy work was done Friday, after arriving home from a 6am flight.
The completed Walkway of Terror is macabre even in the light of day.

Please visit my Behance site for more frightening images of Halloween...

Created By
Jim Babbage


All photography by Jim Babbage

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