Designed & Illustrated By: Samantha White

Descriptive Self Portrait

I took an online personality test and used descriptive words about myself to integrate into my self portrait. Made with Photoshop.

Polygon Lion

This graphic is one of several lion iterations I created using different mediums. This is my first time using the low polygon technique. Made with Photoshop.

Hand Lettered Animal Animation

I drew the same lion image five times and created a looped animation. Made with Photoshop timeline.

Geometric Lion

I had fun making a simplified geometric lion symbol/graphic. Made with Illustrator

Geometric Lion Pattern

I made this lion pattern based off of the lion graphic I created. Made with Illustrator.

Cinquain Poem

Original Cinquain poem made in Photoshop.

Time Flies

I created this illustration based on the saying, time flies. Made with Photoshop.

The Three Little Pigs

I had a blast making the tornado in Illustrator. Most of the artwork was done in Illustrator with some finishing touches in Photoshop.

Thumbnail Sketches

More Refined Final Rough Sketch

Magazine Layout

This is a magazine spread featuring my original article and layout, created in InDesign.

Phantom of the Opera Movie Poster

I played with text, transparency, and compositing. I was happy to make this movie poster, it shows off one of my favorite movies. Made with Photoshop.

Love Thy Fellow Species

This fun piece was made using the pen tool in Photoshop.

Reflective Tower

This building/city scape montage was made with Photoshop. I placed several images of buildings inside a pen tooled outline to make this effect.

Jackie Earle Haley Portrait

I liked the character he played on Human Target (Guerrero). Made with Photoshop.

Spin Bear

I created this interesting character in Illustrator using pen tool.


I messed around with the pen tool, brushes, and effects in Photoshop.

Typographic Panda

I made this typographic panda using the pen tool, type tool, and effects in Photoshop.

Repeated Letter Forms

Repeated letterforms pattern (V, y), made with Photoshop

Uppercase V

Lowercase y


I had fun bringing my character to life. Made with Photoshop.

My Imaginary Friends and Me

I really enjoyed working on this illustration with pen tool and brush. Made in Photoshop.

Personal Monogram

Personal Monogram, made with Illustrator

Rough Sketches

Different Variations

Refined Roughs

Created By
Samantha White

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