Deteriation of English Alex Escobar

Without a doubt, modern technology is the crutch on which human life relies on. It is always beside people wherever they go, and takes many shapes and forms, such as smartphones, computers, laptops, and other items. It has been debated that such technology has benefitted our writing habits because it offers an easier and more efficient way to write one's thoughts and feelings. However, technology and the forms of online writing actually hinder our ability to write. Technology and online writing degrades the English language because online writing allows for informality, lack of thought, and laziness. Therefore, online writing does not help improve the English language or writing in general.

One of the largest problems with online writing is that there are no checks on the language. Because of this, online writing has become completely informal, leading to incorrect use of words and lots of content with grammatical errors. Most people treat online writing as an informal way of expressing themselves and their thoughts. Of course, every human has their own style of speech, some more educated, others more informal, and it correlates to online writing. Technology allows a person to speak what is on his or her mind or emotions, and no rules apply. This freedom to express in words what one is thinking is what degrades language. Thoughts do not often follow formalities and correct grammar. For these reasons, online writing does not help improve the English language. If anything online writing takes away the elegance that English had once possessed, and has replaced it with an informal way of communication that has been fueled by a lack of thought.

A problem with online writing is that people tend to base their writings of their reactionary thoughts, not thoughts they compose over a period of time. This leads to misunderstanding and lack of clarity in writing. When one thinks through what he or she is going to write the point is not often missed. Also, it helps the English language to be properly initiated in the correct situations. Without proper thought, English is a mad jumble of words that portrays a feeling rather than an idea. Because language is not used properly online, grades in school suffer. Educated writing requires thought. However, online writing has caused the human race to write our instinctive reactions to situations, not an analytical representation. Humans begin to be accustomed to writing with a lack of thought because of the online writing done on a daily basis. When asked to write in school, their writing skills are marred because they are so accustomed to writing down their natural reaction rather than analytical perspective. Because of this, online writing hinders the human ability to implement the English language correctly and laziness in writing becomes prominent.

Human beings are naturally lazy creatures. Human beings find ways to create shortcuts to everyday tasks. An example of this is autocorrect. Online writing gives humans a way to make writing easier and spelling skills non-essential. This takes away from the English language, as writing was meant to be done without software helping and correcting mistakes in our writing. This has made a new generation of even lazier humans, a generation that expects their writing to be done for them. Also, the informalities and laziness of writing has given humans a whole new form of online writing. It is call abbreviations. With online talk, people tend to use a few letters rather than than an entire word or phrase to represent something. For example, humans use “idk” for “I do not know” and “u” for “you” and many others. The English language was not created for this kind of informality, as it was intended to be an elegant and graceful dialect. It is appalling that humans are this lazy to save a few letters!

Due to modern technology and the creation of online writing, the elegant English language has become in jeopardy. Humans have altered the very essence of the English language and have created a whole new language of communicating online. This online dialect has taken away from the value of the English language and has made it into scrambled mess of chaos that can be seen on the internet today. Modern writing through the internet undermines English because it is the cause of the informality, mindless writing, and indolence. The English language is deteriorating at this very moment, yet people continually misuse English every second of the day.

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