The Environment A lesson plan for upper-intermediate students. designed by cristinacabal.

Introducing the topic

On the board, write I'm eco-guilty of .... . Ask students in pairs to discuss their environmental dirty secret and then come up to the white board and write it down. Help with vocabulary and then, discuss some of their eco-sins.

Listening: How environmentally friendly are you?

Lead-in: Ask students, in pairs, to write their best tips on how to be environmentally friendly. Write their suggestions on the board

Listening: How to be environmentally friendly. Students listen to some more tips. Correct using subtitles

Speaking Activity using Posters

Display posters on the walls containing some predictions about the future. See my posters below

Ask students, in pairs, to write on a post-it (a scrap of paper+ sellotape would do) a list of 5 words or expressions they have learned related to the topic. Take their lists and put them on the walls next to the posters. There should be at least one list per poster.

Gallery Walk: ask students, in pairs or small groups, to stand up and discuss the sentences written on the posters making sure they use some of the words on the list.

Listening: Environmental Issues our Planet is Facing.

Warm up: Ask students, in pairs, to brainstorm environmental issues our planet is facing. Write their suggestions on the board

The listening task: Play the video below ( only from 0:00 to 1:35)and ask the following questions:

1. How old is the earth?

2. How old is the human race?

List 4 general problems mentioned in the video related to the sea, the animals, the ocean and climate change.

Check their answers. Play the video with the subtitles on.


In this part, students will work in pairs. Encourage the use of the vocabulary they have learned in previous exercises. Use the lists of vocabulary students wrote for the posters activity, giving each pair of students one of these lists. Ask them to swap lists as we move through the questions.

How is the environment around you? Is it clean?
What kind of pollution bothers you most on a day-to-day basis?
Do you recycle? If so, what kind of things do you recycle?
How do you feel when you hear about global warming? Is there hope for the future?
Do you believe human activities contribute to global warming? If so, what should we do about it? If not, what do you think causes global warming?
Which type of energy is the most environmentally friendly? Do you use this type of energy? Why or why not?
What is more important to you? Social issues or environmental problems?
Do you think overpopulation is an important environmental issue? Why or why not?

Questions from Print and Discuss

Speaking: Picture Prompted

Students in pairs talk about the topics suggested in the pictures. Brainstorm ideas for a minute or so, and be ready to speak for about 4 minutes.

Students A

The Environment

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Cristina Cabal


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