Holy Roman Empire By: Emily zahner


  1. First king to convert to Christianity

2. Father of Merovingian Dynasty


  1. First Holy Roman Emperor by the pope

2. Protector of the catholic Church

Pepin the Short

The king that established the Carolingian Empire

2. He gained a alliance with the Franks


Created with images by Jorge Lascar - "Central nave - Hagia Sophia" • geralt - "cross sunset sunrise" • KrzysztofTe Foto Blog - "Love affair" • sybarite48 - "Cathédrale de Reims (Marne)" • Pedro Nuno Caetano - "Above royal eyes" • david__jones - "Clovis, first king of France" • *_* - "God at the foot of Clovis @ Basilique de Saint-Denis @ Saint-Denis" • shankar s. - "Frankfurt's Museum of History" • historic.brussels - "Frédéric de Mérode monument, Martyrs' Square - Place des Martyrs - Martelaarsplaats 5" • AndrewEick - "catholic church wiesbaden germany" • akk_rus - "St Antoine Catholic Church" • historic.brussels - "Monument to Jenneval, Martyrs' Square - Place des Martyrs - Martelaarsplaats 3" • frozenchipmunk - "Pepin the Short" • Bernt Rostad - "Statue of Charlemagne"

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