maori's and New Zealand By jArred

Traditions of the Maori Culture

Alot of Traditions are done by the Maori people. Things which up to this date are still practiced. The Huka is probably one of the most well known out of all of them. The Huka is a traditional war dance which is to strike fear and to proclaim the strength of the Maori. another tradition would be hongi, is where isted of kissing somone on the cheek you rub noses with them. Moko is also another tradition in where the maori woman would have marking on their lip and chin markings, this represents status within the culture.

On the left- both of these photots are apart of the moko tradition in where tatos are added to the face to represent teir status in the tribe. on the right- both these photots are of the haka in which the all blacks ( NZ Rugby team) perform befor every single match.
this is Hongi which is where you rub noses together insted of kissing them on the cheek.

cultral dishes

what are some traditional foods of the Maori culture? today new zealand is just like australia in the fact that we have foods anc cultures from all over the world settling here and telling their story, but back a long time ago when the maories didnt even think about others they learned to cook and to cook is to survive.

The Hangi, the hangi is a fish dish with lots of vegtables. only really prepared for a special occasion. as the maori called gifts of gods or decendants where aactuaslly the vegatable that they used for their food. the hangi was soo delicious because it was and still is made from earth ovens. the maori diet usually consisted of fish, bird and lots of herbs and vegetables.

this is whats known as hangi which is being put into a Polynesian earth oven to cook.

New zealand establishment

new Zealand has been populated with humans for many years. there are dream-time stories about how new Zealand came to be for example moui casted his fish hook into the ocean and brought up the north island of new Zealand. the Europeans founded new Zealand on the 6th of February 1840 and since then it has been know as new Zealand but natives have been living there much longer.

new Zealand was named new Zealand after the dutch province of zeeland. but it wasn't called new Zealand, nova zelandia was what the dutch province named it. its had many name changes over the time. when it was founded by able tasmin it was first named staten landt because "supposing it was connected to a landmass of the same name at the southern tip of South America" (Wikipedia) until Dutch cartographers renamed the land Nova Zeelandia after the Dutch province of Zealand.

one of new zealands many views

why did they have warrior tribes?

warrior tribes where introduced into the tribe as protection against other tribes. they where pretty much the army of their day and where there to fight off threats. some of the reasons to have a warrior tribe was due to the lacking of reasorces and crops so the different tribes had to fight for what they wanted and it wasn't pretty. they would also fight of land space and to restore manner which was the spiritual power they believed that mana could only be brought back through ancestors or through warfare.

being a warrior was nothing fun, its a war and you can die within battle. it takes a lot of guts to do something like that. the Maoris would sometimes eat the remains of the other tribes victims as a representation to not be messed with. cannibalism was used to fuel the diser of gaining manner and the Maoris where so good at it that they shear never defeated.

a Maori warrior had to be strong, had to have little to no fear and had to be skilled and ready for war not squeamish at killing an enimie.

Conditions on the island

the conditions on the island of new Zealand are like the 4 seasons in a day, now a days people in new Zealand are likely to be seen wearing shorts and also a jumper because it can hail and be 30 degrees in the same hour, you never know what to expect. a lot of the cities are based around the coast so the temperature is milder. but in winter in new Zealand temperatures can get to -10 and it gets colder as you move down towards the south.

as you can see the weather temperature decreases towards the south

the wytungi treaty

the wytungi treaty is a treaty statng that the maori culture gains more land to call their own. its such a big thing in new zealand that there is even a public holiday thanks to the singing of it. the wytungi treaty was proposed on the 6th of febuary 1840. the pople who propsed it where representatives of the british crown and was sighned by some of the main chiefs from the nort island of new zealand.

people where lined up to sign the treaty which is now very famous in new Zealand today


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